Hearts for Haiti….Day 2

Hello all! Today was a balance of work and fun. We started the day walking around the village. We introduced ourselves to the Haitians and assessed for any one sick. Word spread fast! We had a group within a couple of hours! Looking forward to treating them when they come to the clinic tomorrow. We were able to squeeze and play with the orphans. The bubbles and animal masks were a big hit.  We had ocean time, which is so beautifully clear.   There are many blessings here and so many people that need prayers. I look forward to working in the clinic tomorrow and movie time outside! We are enjoying this experience! The food is amazing, and looking forward to a cold soda maybe tomorrow. Lotsa love! We miss you! – Katie and Annie


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  1. Hello to everyone,
    So glad the kids liked the bubbles and animal masks. The movie time outside and beach sound like a lot of fun. Loved the pictures!! Thanks for sharing them with us. You are all doing great work and are in my prayers.

    Love, Annie’s mom

  2. Love all the pictures! Maja, Preston, and Emillie are doing well. I’ll see Mark and Em this evening and make sure they see the pics!

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