Hearts For Haiti…Day 3

Bon weit!! (Good evening) We hosted clinic this morning and saw 70 patients!!! We also assessed many of the kids from the orphanage. Katie and I adjusted quickly to our new clinic setting and stepping into the “doctor” role – diagnosing illnesses and prescribing medications. It was an amazing experience to be able to serve and pray with them. This afternoon I got to witness choir practice with a group of ladies from the community. We feel more comfortable with the flow of life here and have become more adjusted to our Haitian home. Love and peace to those in the States <3


Hi everyone! It has been another wonderful day here in Mole. We were pretty busy today. Annie and I led devotion this morning. We talked about gifts from God and purpose in life. We challenged each person to think about how they can use their gifts and what could they do different today. We worked in the clinic and assessed the children here.  We were able to pray with the patients using a translator and some Creole we have picked up on. It was the first cloudy day, but still made it to the beach! We are getting more acclimated to the climate and finding a way to sleep. It’s easy to put things into perspective here. The Haitians face and overcome many challenges. I love you all! Miss you buches! – Love Katie


  1. What an awesome experience. The kids are loving the pictures too. They make Emillie giggle. Glad you’re acclimating yourselves well. I can’t imagine the challenge. God gives us the right skills at the right time !

  2. Hi Annie, Katie, and all,

    I am loving the pictures!! Wow! 70 patients in one day–I’d say you were busy! Annie, you said you witnessed choir practice–did you sing along? (oops) I am glad to hear you are adjusting to the weather and sleep schedule. I bet the beach is just beautiful!
    I am so proud of all of you. Have a wonderful day!
    Love, Annie’s mom

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