Hearts For Haiti….Day 1

What a beautiful day!!! We have arrived at the Mole!! After a short 3 hour stay in a hotel in Fort Lauderdale overnight we left at the crack of dawn for Haiti. Our journey involved a short flight to Port de Prince and then a 40 minute flight on a tiny jet with a rough landing next to a woman and her donkey!! WOAH!!! Welcome to the Mole!!! We’ve had an action packed day in the heat taking a walking tour of the mission and around the town of Mole St. Nicholas. Annie took a snooze while the rest of the team hit up the beach for a bit. Annie would like to tell her husband Andrew that she misses him very much and would like to extend a huge thank you to her parents for all of the great donations. We are looking forward to resting tonight and jumping in full force tomorrow! -Annie


We made it to Mole, Haiti. There are moments in life that take your breath away. Every experience in this day has been breathtaking. The people here are incredibly inspiring. The work being done here is astounding to me. Haiti is getting a lot of love and needs so much more. It’s so pleasant to be able to just look at what’s around me for peace. It is beautiful!!! We got to visit the town of Mole today. It’s difficult to describe what we are seeing without missing some part of it. There’s something spiritual about seeing it in person. I’m grateful to have Annie with me and a welcoming team here in Mole to guide us on our mission. I’m excited to share my experiences with my family. Mark and my beautiful children, I miss and love you so many bunches! Thank you everyone that supported this trip and is running everything back home! Love you!!! Please pray for the people of this country. -Katie

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  1. Annie, So glad you and Katie made it! Can’t wait to hear about the jet landing next to the lady and her donkey–how exciting!! Miss you lots, but remember, you can “snooze” in STL, hit that beach!!!
    Love you, Mom

  2. I LOVE seeing the pictures and reading the notes! – always leaving tears in a Mom’s eyes! – Love (Katie’s) Mom!

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