Meet Our Mole Summer Interns – Emma & Susan!

We Are Interns – We Can’t Believe It Either

Yesterday, it felt like our internship officially started with the arrival of our first group. We started the morning with hut-to-hut health care alongside our visiting nurses. They trusted us to lead a group into the mountains! Don’t worry, Pierre was there too. 🙂 What we thought was going to be just medical visits turned into an incredible opportunity for ministry.

At one of the first houses we visited, we came across a 15 year old girl with special needs. After we checked her mother’s blood pressure, we were able to pray with them. The mother was overjoyed when we asked if we could later return to play with her daughter. We came to Haiti with the intention of carrying out special needs ministry, but had no idea we would be able to start so soon.

As we went house to house, we passed out cards for those who were ill to come to the mission’s clinic the following day. Once word spread that we were there, people swarmed us excited to have health care right in their neighborhood. We passed out nearly 50 cards to those with high blood pressure, sores, fevers, skin infections, and various other pains. Each person we met we were able to greet with a smile as they were given individualized attention by the nurses. Having the nurses with us was a great icebreaker that allowed us a natural way to connect with them and pray over them.

When we returned to campus, we spent the remainder of the day with our 34 favorite people in the world, the children in the orphanage. We sang songs, blew bubbles, decorated masks, played clapping games, but mostly just loved them. We were able to go to bed at night exhausted but ecstatic with how God filled our day.


Today, we spent our day in the clinic. We have granted ourselves the title of Waiting Room Management! Basically, this is a fancy title for child entertainer. We color, have dance parties, pass out candy, hold crying babies, and provide humor when we attempt creole.   Our job took a step up (pun intended) when we were asked to help a 16 month old girl learn to walk. With a little candy incentive, we had her walking laps around the waiting area. In today alone, the clinic saw 70 patients! Many people we passed cards out to yesterday, were able to get help today.

Our afternoon started with taking some of the children from the orphanage to the clinic. It was a joy to give them that little bit of individualized time, and it was fun to see their enjoyment on this small field trip.

Our favorite part of today was joining a group of 20 sassy ladies for choir practice. We were asked to add some movement to their song to be performed later this summer. We very quickly realized how fun this group of ladies is, and we have now joined their choir. Singing a medley of worship songs in creole – The struggle is real. We did our best to follow along, but this was difficult as the women themselves were just as off as us. We collectively road the struggle bus until Jody called it quits, but we are confident that come July we will deserve an encore.

In our short time here at the Mole, God has already overwhelmed us with proof that we have made the right choice for our summer. We have been welcomed, humbled, blessed, poured into, laughed with/at, and made to feel at home. Whatever God has in store for us these two months – BRING IT!

  • Your 2015 Mole Interns (Who still can’t believe they picked us.)

Susan and Emma

P.S. Do you regret it yet, Jody?


  1. Hi There, I’m trying to get a hold of someone in the Mole and cant get a number that works. My daughter is there now. Could someone send me an email? I am trying to get some supplies sent to some friends there. Thanks! Kim

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