Hearts For Haiti…Day 4


Today is Friday.   Our time in Haiti is going very quickly. It has been fun to spend time with the orphans. We took them swimming in the ocean today. Some loved the water and were trying to swim. Others were scared, but they still had fun. We helped in the medical clinic again today.   Mike and I have been assisting Morgan in the pharmacy. We are becoming professional pill counters J. It has been fun to observe our daughter Morgan interact with the people that she has come to love. Hello, to everyone at home.


Michelle Brouk


Hello! We had a busy day today. We worked in the clinic and had another great turn out from the village. We took the children to the ocean. They love the sand! They roll in it and put it all over their faces! They are so well behaved and stayed close to us. We are getting ready to head to community movie night. They play a movie outside to bring people together. They’ve had 200 people show up to these.   Had a special cold soda treat today! I look forward to having the luxury of ice when we get back to the states. We continue to stay busy. Please continue to pray for the Haitians. Working with the Haitians I find they are so willing to pray with us. They are really neat people.


I miss my family bunches. I love you! – Katie


  1. Katie’s family misses her too!

    I’m sure you will both have mixed emotions when it’s time to come home. You are changing lives as well as your own.

    Manman ou santi n fye ak yo

    1. You’ll have to teach us some Haitian Creole when you get home. That’s supposed to say your mom’s love and are proud of you both.

  2. Hello everyone,
    You are right–the ocean looks beautiful. And the kids look like they are having a great time!! The “outside movie” sounds like our old “drive-ins” without the cars. What a fun day you’ve had. The Haitians and you all are so blessed to have each other this week. Enjoy every minute!

    Love, Annie’s mom

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