Wedding Team…Day 1

Four years. I have prayed and begged God to allow me come back to Haiti since 2011, but heard a very clear “not yet” but three months ago, He gave me the permission and resources to get here so you can imagine my anticipation to see why He chose now. I’m getting the opportunity to share this place with my two sisters and it has been so fun to watch them take it all in so far. The wheels of our plane touched down in Haiti yesterday morning and I have been holding back tears of joy and excitement since then.
Today, I was reunited with the little ones I spent so much time with before and I was overwhelmed with the love God has given me for them. I wish I could bottle up every second I get to spend with them because I know that in a few days, we will have to part ways. I am amazed at how much they’ve grown and how much their bigger their personalities have become. God is showing me in a big way how much he loves them and is completely watching out for and taking care of them.
Can’t wait to update you again, soon!


Mackenzie Blankenship


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