Northwest Christian Church – Day 2…

Hey it’s Rebekah!

I recently departed for the Haiti Mission trip in Mole. We took four
planes to get here which was quite interesting. Haiti is NOT what I
expected. First off the land is absolutely gorgeous there are palm
trees, coconut trees and avocado trees! Mom, you would love it here!
The beach we are right across from is crystal clear, unlike anything
we have in the states!

Once we arrived we unpacked the truck and hung out at the cafeteria
for a while. Then we split up to do our own things for the day. I
tried to take a nap but that didn’t work to well. It’s so hot here! I
will not complain about Georgia heat anymore……..okay maybe I will but
it’s nothing like this.

The food here is pretty good too! Sunday, I went to the church on the
mission’s campus. I couldn’t understand ANYTHING they speak sooo fast,
but you could feel God there. After church we went to the beach, again
it’s gorgeous! Everyone here has become the local kids’ playground
I’ve seen more kids climbing on us that ANYTHING else. While it is
true that I miss my family especially mom, I am very glad I came. I
miss you mom! Dad, says he does too!


Hey it’s Courtney. I’m so happy to hear that you are all praying for
us and that we are in your thoughts. Things feel as if they’re going
really fast and it seems like we’ll be home before you really notice
we’re gone. I had really high expectations for this and it seems that
even after just a day of being here they have grown to more than I
could have imagined. Hearing your comments seriously made some of our
days. (One or two people DID cry) and I can’t wait to hear more. We
all really miss you and I don’t want to say too much because then
there will be no story to tell when we get home! Keep us in your
prayers and hearts. We all love you and miss you dearly.
I miss you dad. Can’t wait to see you Saturday. Don’t miss mom and I too much.

Hey Ashley! I miss you and the kiddos! Everything is going great.
There is sooo much I want to tell you all day! I am looking forward to
the rest of the week!
Thank you everyone for the prayers!!


Hey Marcia & Gabriel! I miss you and I think of you all time. I am
enjoying my self because I feel like I am serving the real God.
I love you.


Please feel free to leave comments. Comments will be read each night at dinner. You may notice a delay from the time you post until the time it shows on the blog as all comments must be approved. The team LOVED hearing from everyone tonight!! Keep the love coming! 🙂


  1. Wow! The water looks gorgeous! Continuing to pray for all of you! May you all be blessed as you do God’s work and bless others.
    Much love to all…
    Tina Huggins

  2. Hello everyone! So much has changed since you have been gone! Jacob has now taken on a new hobby-running Hannah over (literally) with his ride on truck! You know, the one Grandma gave him. Hannah has become an expert at letting the cat escape multiple times a day, which at first I believed was an accident but now I’m convinced is to watch me climb through the pokey bushes while Jacob insists on swinging a wooden rod through the bushes to catch the cat. No worries though. We are doing great without you all as the YMCA provides great child care and the past 2 evenings we have spent hours at he dog park playground from after dinner until bedtime. Tomorrow we will repeat the process except we are taking Ludgi, Jayden and Angelina with us and are expanding our horizons with a new park. The highlight of this weekend was when Hannah let me know I am better than Daddy at changing her ear rings because he made her ear bleed once. I’m not better than Daddy at anything according to Hannah until this moment! No worries, Jimmy because directly after, I did the same thing so she took it back! As you can see, we are looking forward to seeing you soon!

  3. Awesome pictures!! Praying for you all as you serve our AWESOME Savior and Lord!! Praying you allow Him to use you in whatever way will most glorify Him! Love you all! Mary Gail

  4. Hi Adriana and Jon, and everyone in the group God bless , I was so glad to read the post on your 1st day at the mole, and to see your pictures. Love you both, and I’ll be waiting to hear all the details when you get back. Sending you my love and a big hugggg..

  5. The pictures are awesome! I could not wait to check for your posts this morning. It was the first thing I did. We are praying that all goes well as you continue through the week. Everything here is going pretty normally over here. Tell John that Katlynn is quite excited she got a call from Chief Berlin in Michigan and had a wonderful conversation with him and got several quotes for her paper. We love you all and miss you but are glad you are getting this opportunity…

  6. Hi Patrick and Brandon and of course, everyone else in this wonderful group from NWCC! Every time God puts you on my heart (which is often) I pray for safety and protection but also that your works and your actions will speak life into the people in Haiti!

    I LOVE the pictures! They make me feel like you’re not quite so far away.

    I love you and miss you terribly, yes, even you Brandon!! :-))

  7. Hi Jay (and the entire team)! We miss you like crazy but it moves us to pray…every time the girls ask about you or I think of how I wish you were here, we/I pray….you’ve been prayed for A LOT!! Today, I’ve asked the Lord to give each of you the discernment needed to be His hands and feet in whatever you will be doing…bringing glory to His name, as you fulfill His will in that place. I pray you’ll be a blessing to the kids, the staff and to each other this week! On a personal note – Jay, the girls have been swimming so well…you would be so proud!! 🙂 Hugs to all!

  8. Gabe and me are super, mega excited to hear about you guys and see pictures like that. Sergio and everyone having fun. I showed picture to Gabe and he said “it’s not fair! Dad is in the Ocean? You told me he was working for God!!!”
    We are praying together for you every night. God bless you, my pastor and my brothers.
    Marcia and Gabe Santos

  9. So glad to see all of your smiling faces, enjoy the experience, as I know the people there will be so glad you came. God bless you all!

  10. Hi Patrick,
    Nice picture of you! We are hoping that you and Brandon are having a smooth and productive trip. I am sure it is an experience you will never, ever forget.

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