Northwest Christian Church – Day 3

Hello Wonderful Friends and Family!
We had an eventful and adventure filled day! Most of the men started
out the day working construction. They hauled dirt and rocks in
preparation for tomorrow’s work. In the afternoon, they went to the
airport (a small landing strip to pick up sand.) They shoveled enough
to fill a two and a half ton truck. No heavy machinery for them. On
the way back, the truck broke down. The fuel line busted and the guys
had to walk back. The men came and got parts and pieced it together.
They were able to get the truck back to the mission. They then
unloaded the truck and boy were they dirty!
The other team members started the day by breaking into three groups
for hut-to-hut evangelism. We visited several families and invited
those we met to the week’s VBS programs. After lunch was the first
senior vbs. They were able to hear that God made them, God loves
them, and God desires an intimate relationship with them. They played
many games and even those walking with canes were very competitive!
Late afternoon brought activities with the orphanage kids. John Munro
and Greg taught a group of ladies a self-defense class. They
thoroughly enjoyed taking the guys down! You should have heard the

Hey mom its Adriana glad to hear from you, you should see it down here
its beautiful. We also made some crafts with the kids today and they
loved them. John is pretty upset at me being a picky eater… he thought
I would hate the food, but its as if they are cooking everything just
for me!! We’ve had Haitian spaghetti, rice and beans, boiled egg
dumplings (pastelillos), and today we have had biscuits, rice, and now
we just had hot dogs, plantains and french fries. Hope everything is
well with grandpa. Sending you my love, Adriana


Hannah, Jacob and Melissa. I hope you are being good for mommy. I want
you to know daddy misses you but knows he’s suppose to be here to
help. Pray for us; as we fight through the turmoil of construction,
to be patient, persistent and show our self as stewards of god. I
love you and hope to hear more about you’re week. By the way Hannah
you should know daddy no longer plays with the nasty’s and eats
everything on his plate. Cant wait to show you some pictures of how
beautiful it is here.

Hey friends and Michael, We miss you all. Today started early and has
been long, but it has been really blessed. God has worked in many
ways. Our first VBS was for the adults and it was to start at 1:00. At
1:00 we had only about 6 or 7 adults, but Jody reminded us that the
islands work on a different time. By about 1:40 we had about 30 – 35
adults. They loved everything that we did and were very excited to
take part. I was very proud of Courtney when she taught her VBS lesson
to the children. She told the story of Jesus telling the fisherman to
throw the net on the other side and demonstrated the craft (this was
for the adults).
Later, she must have braided 5-10 necklaces and bracelets. Me, I think
I took about 150 pictures and several videos. The guys got down and
dirty today. They started the construction even though the truck had
not yet arrived. They moved gravel and other supplies. When the truck
arrived they unloaded hundreds of pounds of materials. But they were
not done yet; they had to go several miles down the coast to get sand.

The Haitians were still not real sure that we were going to fix their
houses until they saw the first load of sand. Now they know that we
are church who keeps the promises that God leads us to make. The truck
broke down and they would not let the villagers say that Voodoo had
beaten us… so Jimmy and Jason fixed it. He said that he knew why he
had come. God was shown to provide for those who are faithful. First
day of actual mission work in the books and God has been good. Love,
hugs and kisses to you all.


Ludgi, Jayden, Angelina, I miss you guys so much. God is moving in
this place. I can’t wait until we can all come on a mission together.
This experience has been so great the kids here are so amazing. They
all want to be loved by holding their hands or spinning them around. I
have played a lot of soccer. Sergio disse que eu jogo futebol muito
bem! God is amazing and he made a way for me to come here. We are
working so hard and we are going to fulfill what god had planned for
us on this short journey. Thank you for being my rock and supporting
me pushing me and loving me so much. Give the kids a kiss for me. I’m
praying for you guys. Please keep these amazing people and this
beautiful country in your prays at night. Talk to you guys later.


Dear Nick, Ham and Sweetpea and Grandma, I hope all is well. Sweetpea
I hope you are not driving your dad crazy driving you all over the
world. Ham, I hope you are letting people know what you are doing and
not assuming that people understand the decisions that you are making.
Nick, thank you for your sacrificial heart for letting me come and
holding down the fort. Love to you all.

Marcia & Gabriel, I am glad to hear from you my loved family. I have
make new friends in Haiti. I can speak a little bit of creole and have
evangelized some people. I have to found some kids here that need love
and I have had opportunity to play soccer here. I am so glad to be
part of the mission team at NWCC.


Lisa, Booby and girls, Having a great time doing what the Lord is
wanting me to do. So keep praying. Please keep the family informed as
the week goes on. Love Mom


  1. It is so good to see all the smiles you are bringing to the people there. It sounds like the guys have had quite the adventure with the truck breaking down. I am so glad the you were the example of how with Christ we can accomplish all things. John …I love you and miss you so much and I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers constantly…Beka I am so proud of you if it were not for you coming to us with the feeling that God wanted you there, your father and you might have missed this opportunity. Thank you to the entire team for all you are doing for the people there , and for sharing your adventure with us through this blog.

  2. It’s so awesome to hear all aboUT the work you all are doing there! Praying for you all!
    Jacquie- The kids are still alive and the house… will be clean by the time you get home. We miss you a ton and can’t wait to hear all about the week! Oh, and Layla can now jump onto our bed. Not exactly an enjoyable way to wake up…

  3. I loved seeing all of the pictures of how each one of you is serving our friends in Haiti! I am so proud of all of you, but especially my daughter Courtney. Courtney – you have such a heart for kids and I know that you are a blessing to each one of them. I am so proud that you were able to lead a lesson to the kids, I’m sure they won’t forget it! Nancy Lee, thank you for all of your hard work preparing for the VBS as well, and for being there for our girl. I miss you both very much and thought about you a lot today! I know the people of Haiti will be blessed by your servants’ hearts. Love – Michael

  4. Hi Adriana and Jon, Sending you both my love and and blessing. Keep up the good work and my God guide you always.

  5. This is so great!!! I’m so proud to be part of such a loving church family. Love to hear how much of a blessing you all are. Praying for you every day!!

  6. We are praying for you all and miss you all! It is really fun seeing the pictures and hearing how God is working through you and in each of you. We can’t wait to hear all about your adventures when you get back. Thank you for being there to serve!

  7. Dear Daddy, on Monday, I learned the elementary backstroke by myself. I’ve gone to Catch Air on Tuesday with Lowery and Amanda. A few times the cat has gotten out into the bushes. Hahaha! I am happy that you stopped. I miss you. Love, Hannah

  8. what a beautiful sight to see all my Brothers and Sisters from NWCC Just doing what God want’s them to do. Your a great group! and working for an AWESOME GOD, keep spreading the word with love and laughter, I’m praying for you all…

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