Northwest Christian Church…..Day 5…

This mission trip has been a wonderful experience. I have never imagined that I would go so far to reach the Haitian people. Today we took a trip to Savane Mole, which is a neighboring village. We took an old military cargo truck, which was converted to a personnel transport truck. The trip was a little challenging because the roads were very narrow and windy. Also we had to travel up and down mountainous roads. As we were traveling through mountain roads we were all concerned about the trucks brakes. We were also concerned about our overall safety sitting on the back of this transport truck with the road conditions.


When we finally arrived to our destination, we all got out of the truck. We all started to set up for the VBS that was going to be held at their local Christian church. We went out into the village to invite the people to the VBS. As the village people started to arrive, Jason and I saw a child standing next to his mom. I decided to kick the ball to this little boy. After a few minutes of playing with this child due to the power of the soccer ball in Haiti drew the teenage boys to ask us if we all could play a game of soccer.


I accepted their challenge but under this condition, that we all pray to Jesus Christ before we start. Because of the connection we all had during the game, after the game ended, I had an opportunity to preach the gospel. I now know why God brought me here. My Brazilian love for soccer and the Haitian love of soccer allowed me to connect with these teenage boys. I can truly say that this was my piece to this puzzle. I want to say that Jason Massey played soccer very well. He helped with the opportunity to present the gospel to these young boys. When we were all finished Pastor Jay gave the game ball to the group but under one condition that the young boy that we gave the ball to, would invite other kids to church.



Esta viagem missionária seria perfeita se vocês estivessem por aqui. Vocês não podem imaginar como tem sido uma experiência boa aqui. Hoje quando fomos para uma VBS em uma aldeia, cerca de 26 pessoas em cima de um caminhão passando por rochas , pedras, montanhas e poeira. Quando lá chegamos apanhamos uma bola e reunimos muitos jovens para jogar futebol. Foi uma agitação e muito alegria. Depois do jogo eu preguei o Evangelho para eles. Eu senti que com a cultura brasileira e o futebol pode dar uma boa contribuição para o grupo. Eu retorno com a firme ideia de colocar Gabriel em uma aula de futebol. Todos aqui estão alegres com suas mensagens postadas. Fica com Deus!



Hey Henriques’s Family, thank you for your sacrificial hearts! I miss you guy’s so much! I am learning a lot about the culture, and ministry here. Pam, Elaine, Paula thinking about you guys. Please continue to pray for me.



Hi Hannah Gilbert! I miss you and Jacob too! I heard you have learned the elementary backstroke! I am so proud of you! I have been playing with the kids in the orphanage, inviting people to VBS and doing construction work with daddy! Love you! Tell Jacob hi! Love Grandma



Jayden, Hi! I hope you are taking good care of mom! I am so sorry that you hurt your knee! Grandma has been so busy! But not too busy to think about you! See you when I get home! Tell Angelina and mommy hello and that I love them! Love you too! See you soon!

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  1. The stories I am hearing are so uplifting. Only 2 more days and I will be able to sit down with my family and hear so much more. I can’t wait! I know all of you will leave with mixed emotions after growing to love the people of Haiti. Keep pressing on and sharing HIS love!

  2. Hi Adriana and Jon first God bless you two, bless everyone and there work everyone is doing. Jon I saved the pictures and sent some to your mom, I let her know that all is good, she was very Happy to see them. I will send today’s pictures to her. Love you both mom

  3. Hello everyone!
    I just love hearing all the stories of what you are all doing in Haiti and showing the love of Jesus to all you come in contact with! We’ve been keeping you guys covered in prayer daily but I would like to ask if there is anything specific you would like us to be praying for the rest of the week. Much love to all!
    Prayerfully yours,
    Tina Huggins

  4. HI Jon and Adriana! I have been following this blog and loving the stories! Thank you for being an inspiration! I will be praying for all of you! Keep up the great job of spreading the love of Jesus!
    God bless,
    Lynn Houston

  5. Meagan, I Love You. Work is going really well and the kids have been fantastic. The kids have had a blast everywhere they’ve been. I picked up Peyton from school on my day off and we went to the park and went for ice cream and went by the new house. I can’t wait to hear about everything you’ve done love you see you Saturday night

  6. Hi guys!
    I’m loving being able to read all the updates! I can’t wait to hear more, once you all are back!
    I know God is moving, speaking, doing, and preparing AMAZING things through each & every one of you! Looks like you all were able to celebrate Jay’s birthday, too! Fun!
    Love you guys!!
    Maggie Horton

  7. To the Haitian it’s just you become a Brazilian Soccer Player, that you might win Haitian.
    I am so happy because God has given to each of you strategy to reach the Haitians’ hearts. God is amazing!
    We go on praying for each one of you. Today Gabriel seemed a little sad. I asked him what was going on. He said “nothing, I’m just thinking in daddy”. You are on my mind all time! I love you and miss you…

    Marcia Santos

  8. It’s so exciting to hear all that you guys are doing! Meagan, I had your kids yesterday and we had so much fun! Ryder and Davis played super heroes and ninja turtles and Anni followed Natalie around. We were outside most of the day and stayed busy. I asked Ryder where you are he said “on the big airplane.” 😀 We love you guys and are praying for y’all daily! Can’t wait to hear about how God has used y’all this week!


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