Northwest Christian Church – Day 4…

This morning I worked in the clinic. It was awesome! I worked in the Pharmacy getting everyone’s medicine ready for them to take home. It was so great to be able to give all of these sick people medicine for free.

The clinic relies completely on donations and they don’t have another medical team coming until next summer! While some of us worked in the clinic, others went and did hut-to-huts. They stopped and prayed with a little girl who they met yesterday who had a seizure.

Most of the men have been picking up more sand and unloading it ALL DAY. They are working HARD!! Even the Haitian men are saying how hard our guys are working! Shout-out to Nancy and Courtney for shoveling sand today!! Good job ladies!! While they were at the beach picking up sand some locals caught a HUGE sea turtle and carried it to their truck.

After clinic and hut to huts we hosted an adult VBS. They LOVE the crafts and are super creative. We brought games to play from the States and they love Jenga and we taught them to play Uno. Haitians
are really competitive its so funny to watch them play.

In our lessons we taught them about how God made them, God loves them, and Jesus wants to be my friend forever. We always play a game of “hot potato” last but the ball is Voodoo and you don’t want to get caught with Voodoo when you’re a Christian.

It poured down rain today so we couldn’t take the adults out to do the parachute again. Then we went and played with the orphanage children. We were supposed to take them to the beach, but it was still raining so we brought the parachute and they loved whipping the balls up in the air and they all ran under it, it was soooo cute!!!

Ms. Diana played jump rope with them forever and they really enjoyed it. I never thought I would love being here as much as I do! As much as I miss my husband and my three kiddos I will be so sad to leave. I am
dreading Saturday.

Ashley Pelfrey can we move to Haiti?? I want to be a pharmacist! I love you and miss you and the kiddos terribly. Give them all a hug and kiss from me!


Hey Tina just a quick shout out. Beka is alive and well. And, assisted in the clinic. I love you. John


Hannah I am so proud of you for learning to do the backstroke. That was one of daddy’s favorite events. Can’t wait to swim with you on Sunday. Tell mom and Jacob I love them and keep them safe till I get

Carrie and my amazing kiddos…took me a day to finally respond we’ve been so busy, but I miss you terribly. Abigail and Hannah, I am so proud of you. Be good for your mom. Carrie, I love you so much. Be good for YOUR mom ☺. Thanks for the prayers and know that you’re in mine as well. Love you all. PS – Tell Andy he’s preaching on Sunday. I will be too exhausted to make it!

Hey Diane, missing all of you, Dave, Debbie, Robert, Chris, Megan, Kristen, Emily, and Vicki. We are working hard, reaching people, loving young orphans. I have many photos, and videos, but no way to get them out. We have no internet or phone. Love you all. Pray for our work.


Thank you my friend for encouragement in this mission. I am enjoying serving the Lord in Haiti. God bless you and your ministry in Brazil.
(Obrigado meu amigo pelo encorajamento nessa missao. Eu estou feliz por servir o Senhor em Haiti. Deus abencoe voce e um grande abraco para as igrejas no Brasil).

Marcia & Gabriel. I miss you. We have an awesome day! We had to hard work today and I am so tired, but after shower I was ready to play soccer with the kids and another truck. Love you!
Sergio Santos


Please feel free to leave comments! Comments will be read each night at dinner! They REALLY feel blessed by your words and encouragement! 🙂


  1. Hi Adriana, so nice to see the picture and to see how hard everyone is working God bless all.
    I see your enjoying working with the children that makes me happy say hi to Jon take care love mom

  2. Last night I felt like a terror of the night! It was bad, but I remembered when Jesus said “don’t be afraid”. I prayed for you guys interceding to God to guard your bodies, and souls from every evil attack. In a few minutes I was better and slept well, but during the day I prayed in spirit for you.
    Sergio, everything is perfect here. No worries because God is good all time. Fight the good fight, keep the faith, but don’t finish the race yet. I need you! I love you. Gabe is nice having a good behavior. He asks for you every single day when we wake up “dad is here now?”
    We love y’all.
    Marcia and Gabe Santos

  3. Patrick and Brandon and the whole NWCC team, I love reading the posts. What a wonderful service you are doing I can’t wait to hear all the ways you touch the people God puts in your path this week…and to see all the ways this experience will change you too. Jackson is having a wonderful time at “Fat Camp” with Nanna. Andrew and I are enjoying our time in NC with the Snell’s. Not to worry Brandon, we’ve already planned to come back for the first part of Thanksgiving week. Kinzy’s surgery went well today. It was much more involved than they thought but they were able to avoid some specific nerve work on his elbow so his recovery should be quicker. Miss you both terribly! Love you!

    PS – Patrick, if the shirt you’ve been wearing for the past two days makes it through the trip feel free to leave it behind. Yikes!

  4. Hey babe! How cool to see you guys serving and loving it! It really is beautiful the message the haitians are receiving from you all, by either getting your hands dirty or speaking truth and light over them.
    I’ve been showing the kids these pictures and they like seeing you and grandma, uncle jimmy! Jayden pointed out ms.Diana – and he said she gave him a really tight hug one day! 😀
    We’ve been keeping busy with appointments and tball..yesterday we had a play date at the park with Hannah, Jacob & Melissa
    Jayden sprained his knee, doctor wrapped it up, but hes taking it like a champ!
    We are praying for all of you!
    I love you <3

    Please bring us back a bottle of that beautiful beach water!

  5. All caught up on my days. I see that God is really working through y’all. What an awesome God we serve. Beka and Courtney, you guys were so missed Sunday night group. 🙂

    Jay all is going well on the homestead, I’m keeping Tina busy. 😉

    Praying for all of my NWCC family for continued blessings and safety. Love ya! Patricia

  6. Hey Jay and Beka!!!

    Hope your trip is going awesome, love and miss yall! Praying for you constantly and can’t wait to hear all about it.

    Come home safe!
    Alyx 🙂

  7. hey John and Beka!

    Its Bri (Alyx’s roommate). Just wanted to let you know we’re thinkin about and praying for you!

    have a safe trip! 🙂

  8. These daily blogs help me feel so much closer to all of you! To the whole team.. it is awesome to see and hear about all you are doing down there. You hard work is a testament to God’s faithfulness. John thank you for the shout out..i miss you and love you. I think my interview went well, we will see if God opens this door for me. Beka I know your loving nature has been a blessing to the people you have touched.
    God is truly at work through all of our NWCC team. We look forward to hearing about your day and continue to pray for all of you.

  9. Hey Jay and the rest of the team…I love reading the posts and seeing all the pictures. I’m going with next time! 🙂 It looks like God is using all of you in wonderful ways and I’m so proud to hear about all you’re doing! Diana – way to go on the jump rope! You never cease to amaze me with your hard work and tireless service :). My prayers yesterday were full of requests for all of you to have TONS of fun as you serve…and to be given extra endurance/energy. Our visit to Phoenix is going well…went to In-N-Out Burger yesterday!! Don’t be jealous Jay…I got you a t-shirt ;-). Abigail is loving playing outside and reading all of Nana’s books. Caleb is getting more and more curious…pulling up and walking along furniture now to get to where he wants. Unfortunately Hannah is sick…she picked up a cold/cough from the plane (I think) and is now in need of a doctor’s care and some breathing treatments. Nothing to worry about of course…God is taking care of us as He is of you guys too! I love you bunches! Abigail says to tell you she loves you and has a surprise for you when we all get to Georgia! Hugs and real kisses.

  10. Hey guys, God Bless you all! We’re praying for you.
    Jon and Adriana – Appa says Hi. He’s been saying it all night as a matter of fact lol. Keep up the good work and have fun.

    With love,
    Cirilo Family.

  11. Grandma, Are you having fun in Haiti? I hope you are having a great time! What have you been doing? I miss you. Love, Hannah

  12. So proud of all the hard work!! Can’t wait to see and hear more. You guys are real blessings, to those wonderful people in Haiti but also to us. By serving them, you are blessing your church family as well. Keep it up, dear friends.


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