Victory In Jesus…. God Is SO Good!

“When God is about to do something great, He starts with a difficulty. When He is about to do something truly magnificent, He starts with an impossibility.” –Facebook post

For the word of God will never fail. (‭Luke‬ ‭1‬:‭37‬ NLT) From the beautiful story of Mary’s 60 year old cousin, Elizabeth, being pregnant with who would be known as John the Baptist, I see truth. The word of God–the very promise of God–will never fail. Every item on the ship that sank was ordained to be here, and God said through so many phone calls, emails, and messages, “the word of God will never fail. Peace Jody, my help is on the way.”

Jose, Asher, and I will be heading to Florida next week to pack up 2 Christmas Crates. Then we will head to KY and re-pack all the supplies that you’ve been collecting! It’s our goal to have our crates/barrels ready to go by November 10th. My dad and brother will be taking the uhaul down shortly after that.

If you’ve been collecting supplies, we are asking that you have it to Versailles, KY no later than November 5th. Please message me and I’ll give you my parent’s address where you can mail/drop off the supplies. We will have folks available to bring items in to the house that have been left outside and we may be able coordinate your visit so that you can drop things off at our warehouse.

May you be blessed as you have blessed us.


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