Construction Update: Employee Homes


We just want to thank Northwest Christian Church for being an answer to many prayers prayed on behalf of our staff!

For the past several years our employees have lived in wooden panel homes. Due to lack of funds – the homes were never completed. The panels are supposed to be plastered on the outside with cement in order to keep the wood from rotting. Then there’s supposed to be plywood that goes all along the inside of the panels. The plywood & cement also keeps out the bugs & rats which were rampant through their homes.

The employees had leaky roofs, rotting wood, tin that was placed over windows because they didn’t have shutters, doors falling apart, and they were using  cinder blocks to step up into their homes.

That’s not the case anymore!!!

We were also able to provide them with a fence! Though they live on our mission campus we want them to feel like this is their home too. Separating out their area allows for everyone here to see that they actually have a front yard & a space dedicated just to their families! It gives them some privacy….well at least I’m trying to convince my kids of that!   🙂

Our employees came to the Mole with us as missionaries from St. Louis du Nord. They came here to be Jesus to this village and have faced incredible amounts of persecution.

It was such a joy to tell them that God has heard their cries!

One of the most beautiful testimonies from our employees was when they said how humbled they were by how God responded. They couldn’t get over the fact that Northwest Christian Church loved them before they knew them. Before they ever came into Haiti they had already sent the funds to repair the homes. They said they have never experienced this kind of love before and they knew that it was God rewarding them for their years of suffering.

So we thank you from the bottom of all of our hearts! This has lifted the spirits of the entire campus and our employees are sleeping better than they have in years!

Sleep well = Serve well

Here’s some pictures of the progress!



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