Staff Christmas Party 2015…

What a GREAT night! For the past several days we’ve been decorating & cooking up a storm – getting ready for a fun night of fellowship!

Jose’s mom & brother arrived this morning! The kids haven’t seen them since last Christmas so there’s been A LOT of excitement & anticipation for today.

This year we hosted 40 adults & 10 kids for our Staff Christmas Party! It was a tight fit in our living room – but we made it work! 🙂

It was SO much fun to have our American team join us for this special event. Thanks to their efforts – we were able to replace the staff gifts and food that sank in the boat. So it was a real blessing for all of us to fellowship together and give thanks to God for the way He continues to provide.

As the hosts of the party – we got all dolled-up! I’ve got a good-looking family!! LOL!

Dr. Moyes & his family actually walked on this property and prayed over it before we ever bought it. They prayed that this land would become Holy Ground. Now 5 years later –  they are able to see the fruits of many prayers prayed.

Before we ate, I felt like it was important to remember all that God had done for us. Back in 2012 we read the Circle Maker. The staff created a list of things we wanted to circle in prayer.

Tonight I read from THEIR list  – all the things that God has already answered! When you read it all back to back – it’s really overwhelming. God definitely has made His presence known here. His fingerprints are EVERYWHERE!


Tonight was our Thanksgiving Feast! The food wrapped all around the counter! We had lobster, goat, chicken, ham, & turkey as our meats! We had corn pudding, several macaroni dishes, rice, beans, plantain, salads, fries, cole slaw, peanut butter pies, white cakes, fruit cake, and I’m sure I’m leaving something else out!

It brings me GREAT JOY when I see everyone fill-up their plates and go back for seconds. I know it is rare for them to get to eat so many different foods – especially in one setting! We teased the staff that tonight everyone easily gained 10 pounds!

Kindness Partner Reveal:

Every year around Thanksgiving  – our staff draws names for their Secret Kindness Partner. The idea is that they have to do 3 acts of kindness without being caught. Last week I had each of the staff tell me who they “thought” had their name.

Tonight when they came to the party I had assigned seats. There was a little white box with their name on it. Inside the box there were hershey kisses & most importantly – the name of the person who had them.

After we finished eating we did our big reveal! I announced who they guessed and then they opened the box to find out if they were correct.

So for example: Let’s say Momma Gigi has Bena’s name. So last week when I asked Bena who had his name he guesses Doumy.

So I will read out loud – Last week Bena guessed that Doumy had his name. Bena – open your box! Nope….it was Momma Gigi. Momma Gigi then stands up and tells us the 3 things she did. Now she wins the prize because she didn’t get caught. If Bena had guessed correctly then he would have won the prize.

Here’s this year’s list….

Name Who had their name Who did they guess
1 Beth Mme Nene Elirose
2 Susan Agenor Momma Gigi
3 Erica Sermelia Malonea
4 Agenor Kenson Miss Beth
5 Smith Mme Certisse Tizzie
6 Doumy M. Gigi Pierre
7 Vanise Smith Jose
8 Jesumene Bena Bena
9 Mme Certisse Tizzie Agenor
10 Nene Vanise M. Gigi
11 Pierre Beth Erica
12 M Gigi Pierre Pierre
13 Tizzie Susan Susan
14 Malonea Nene mme Nene
15 Kenson Doumy Agenor
16 Santanya Jose Jose
17 Sermila Elirose Elirose
18 Elirose Malonea Malonea
19 Celavie Erica Mme Nene
20 Bena Jesumene M. Gigi
21 Mme Nene Celavie Celavie
22 Jose Santanya Malonea



Present Give-Away…

We wrapped up presents and numbered them. We had small gifts all the way up to dvd players. Everyone drew a number. If someone drew a 5 – then whichever present was labeled 5 – that’s the one they got.

The team also brought really nice gift bags for each staff member. So everyone got to leave with prizes, a wrapped present, a gift bag, & a full belly!

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