Christmas Eve Granmoun Feeding…

Last year on Christmas Eve we invited 200 children to come to our special lunch. This year we decided to invite 200 elderly (granmoun) in the community. 

As they arrived we played Christmas music. Pierre opened us up with a song. Then he spoke about why we are here today – what Christmas is all about. He shared about how their suffering started back in the garden and how Christ was sent as the ultimate repentance/salvation for all of us. Then he read the Christmas Story. 

I thanked each of them for coming and explained that when God blesses our ministry – we want to extend that blessing to them. I explained to them that Jesus came here as a baby and He’s coming back again. I talked about what Heaven will be like – where their backs won’t hurt, their children won’t be hungry,  their tears will no longer fall, their suffering will finally end. I told them if I never get to see them again here on earth it’s my prayer that one day we will all dance in Heaven together! I love talking to the granmoun because they’re always yelling AMEN & have such a happy demeanor!

We had an assembly line to make all their plates. They had rice, chicken, coleslaw, plantain, & orange drink. Momma Gigi, Tizzie, & Mme Nene were responsible for making the meals today for lunch and for our Christmas Eve Service tonight. 

Miss Beth, Susan, Jose, Chrystian, & our kids helped pass out all the food and drinks. As they left the cafeteria – we gave each of them a gift with clothes & toiletries. They were so grateful!

Here’s a few pics from our Christmas Eve Lunch….


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