New Year’s Trip Day 7…

Hello: Eunice miss you much, God is good things are going as God plans for us all. I got a chance to take a photo with a little Haitian girl that Jesus gave a dress too she looked so beautiful. Hope and believe to one day give every child in the mole nice clothes to wear, so they know Jesus loves them every time they put them on. Have to go plan teen day for tomorrow, Love you see you soon.


Greetings to all!

This is day 6 in Haiti. Sunday the day of rest, and yes we did after attending church and teaching children’s church. We had about 50 children and it was a blessing to see how well they behaved and retained. I’m still adjusting to the translators translating the stories and all. They truly are great and patient with us. ;D We also had a chance to visit this beautiful beach here in the Mole. It is my first time seeing a Carribean body of water. WOW! Just another amazing blessing from the Lord.

Still loving the encouragements but missed the one from Dear friend Jesus last night. Love to my Jeff, momacita, Lynette Sanders, Nikki, Sean, Steph, Tiff & the grandkids, Kaelani & Jude!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO to all! Love & Prayers to all you beautiful friends and church family. See y’all soon!!! Sonya B.


Bonjou! I miss you all so much. I always seem to take my time with you for granted. Now that ive been away from all my family I truly miss you guys. But this trip was very much needed. Ive been having such an amazing and life changing time. God has really been working on my life while ive been here. He is truly amazing in the ways he chooses to work through people. Mom, we gave jerry his Christmas box the other day and today he wore his cool lime green lizard shirt to church. I made sure to get a picture for you. Nate, I got your letter and it really meant a lot to me. It made me cry haha but I wish you guys could all be ere to experience this with me. I love you all<3 –Lauren G


Hello Sugar!! I have missed you and our beautiful children so much. Our time is coming to an end here and I want to finish strong. We will be doing our teen section after lunch tomorrow. It is gonna end with smore’s but we hope that we will be effective. VBS was awesome as usual. I will never get enough of walking those kids home and looking at their smiles. It will be sad to leave in a couple days but getting to hug you and the kids will be awesome.



Hey everyone! The Sharp family is alive and thriving in Haiti! What a God trip this is! It’s overwhelming and emotional on every level, so many Jesus moments. It’s a bucket list trip. Dave preached this morning in the new church! How wonderful is that! I am so glad we came, so glad. And let me say to you moms and dads who have kids on this trip, you would be so proud of them. It has been my joy to spend this amazing trip with them. Love to you all! Tamara




  1. LOL, I keep forgetting that this doesn’t say who I am! This is Chrystal!

    I’ll admit, I never have had an interest in going to Haiti, but y’all are causing me to want to go and see the kids we made boxes for Christmas.

    Sounds all so glorious! Shows how much joy and fulfillment comes from serving the Lord. Also, it is more blessed to give than to receive. Blessed to know y’all and have y’all as our Pastor and family!!

    Sonya, ya seem to be just where ya shine the most!!

    Jasmine, I MISS You!! So proud of you and look forwards to hearing your report!

    Epsteins, ❤️ Y’alls heart and look forward to the day I serve with y’all on a mission trip!!

  2. Dear Mike and Austin,
    Praying for your last few days in Haiti with your new friends in Christ. Praying for travel mercies as you get ready to come home. Praying for the seeds that you have planted will grow in the hearts of the people and many will come to know the Lord because of you were obedient to His call. Looking forward to hearing all He has done in your life during this trip.
    Love you both. Mom, GP

  3. Jedediah!
    We are very excited to see you!
    Love you so very much! Your just amazing!
    I am praying for safe travels for you all! Can’t wait to hear all about your trip.
    I know it has got to be hard to leave those wonderful amazing children that love you as much as you love them.
    O yea Brie did pee pee on the potty yay!!! That will be a working project 🙂 here weeeee goooo!

    Love you lots!

  4. Hi Lauren! Just saw your post. So glad that you were able to go on this trip. Can’t wait to hear all your stories. Miss you much and marking off the days on the fridge. I pray for good weather and a safe trip for all. See you soon. Luv ya.

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