New Years Trip – Day 8…

Hello from Mole St. Nicolas!

Today was another beautiful and blessed day in Haiti. After breakfast, Lauren and I got to talk to the local missionaries, Jody and Jose about some future long-term plans. The rest of the team loved on the orphans and painted a newly installed fence that separates the awesome new church building (which held it’s first service yesterday) from the men’s dorms. The teens (Andrew, Austin, Hannah, Jasmine, Selah) and I practiced our “Lifehouse Everything” Skit. We went our to the city plaza and played with the locals and then called them together for our performance that deals with Lust, Money, Abuse, Gossip and Depression and how Christ is above it all. Phil followed the drama up with a brief explanation of the power of Jesus and David prayed over the young men. I am excited to see what more God has in store for us tomorrow!

On a personal note: I think I have cried everyday missing my little man. Please hug Micaiah and hold him and kiss him and tell him I will be home very soon.

Roberta, thank you for taking care of him. With all that I am from the depths of my heart. I appreciate all your doing with my boy.


So no one really took pictures today! Too busy doing ministry! But I found some older ones we didn’t upload so I’m posting those! 🙂


  1. Good evening team! It is a chilly night in FL. I hope you are well. Lauren I gave your teddy bear a hug for you today. Jake is all snug in a blanket on the sofa and the cat took over his bed. Missing you.
    Pray every day for the team safety and health. God bless my church family.

  2. Hello everyone…I hope everyone is doing great. I can’t wait to give my Selah a huge hug. We have been praying for everyone and will continue to pray for safe travels back home. I’m so proud of everyone!!

    It is so cold in Florida, going to be 55 tonight. I’m not complaining. I love it.

    Love you Selah.

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