Ladies Team Day 1 & 2…

Hi, this is Colleen. I am here at the Mole. The other people went to the Kapafu fishing village today and are spending the night! They will be back tomorrow. I wanted to spend time with the orphan mamas, so I didn’t go.  I had a great time at the orphanage today. I got to see what the mamas do during the day. Well, at least a little of it. It’s a lot of work taking care of 34 children.

So today I helped take out hair so it could be redone. I used to do a lot of that when my girls were little and some with my grandchildren. But I can’t imagine doing as many heads as they do.

After that I went to where the ladies were doing laundry. They were helping me learn more Creole. So I told them I wanted to help wash clothes. I had a very good teacher. She made sure I did a good job.

We had a nice time hanging out and working together. I am happy to get to know the ladies better.

I also got my hair braided today. It is so much cooler when its in braids.

I took some pictures. Hopefully, they will upload.

I love and miss you, John. Chrissy, Sermelia got your letter. She was very happy to hear from you. She says thank you.  That’s all for now.




Unfortunately we forgot to gather pictures from the new team tonight! OOPS!

But I promise you they all made it!! 🙂

Kathie Perkinson has been here since December 27th. She shys away from the camera – and never wants to be fussed about. But she is WORTH the fuss!

She’s not just our favorite “cooker” as she’s so lovingly called…but she’s also an amazing teacher to our Orphanage Mommas! This entire campus looks forward to her visits each year but especially these precious mommas!

This afternoon we were a little sneaky and captured Kathie teaching the ladies about how to deal with bad behavior effectively  – among other things! Sorry Kathie! But you’re going on the blog tonight!!


  1. Hello Colleen, I’m glad you made it safely. Sounds like the Mole is a really busy place! Hair braiding…I can still remember the fuss in the house as you braided our daughters hair :-). Glad you didn’t have to get a hold of me! It’s dedicated and committed people like the mommas at the Orphanage who are making a difference in the lives of so many children. I might need to stay close to the aspirin bottle with 34 of them though…whew!!! :-). All is well and missing you as always. Our house can never be a home without you in it. Love you.


  2. I made another post but don’t see it here. Hopefully it won’t post twice. Colleen I’m glad you got to go to the Orphanage and help the Mamas. I know you really wanted to be there this time to get to know them. I’m also glad you are getting to learn more Creole too. I don’t see any braiding pictures so maybe you haven’t uploaded them yet. I can’t wait to see them! I’m glad Sermelia liked her card. 🙂 It’s so nice to be able to follow this blog and see what all is happening there. I miss you of course. Praying for many blessings for all there. Love, Chrissy

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