Dames Day Out & Ladies Team Day 4…

The ladies from our Dames Group at the church have been working diligently since September to earn points for a special picnic.  Points are earned for memorizing scripture, attendance, inviting friends, evangelizing, praying, and being fully engaged.

Thirty ladies earned enough points for the picnic. TODAY was the day of the picnic and Oh! did those ladies have a BLAST!!! Some of them were a bit wary of the boat ride but soon we were all piled into two boats and were headed across the bay to a small beach. The entire ride the ladies burst into song and were clapping and smiling the whole way! Those with fears quickly forgot them and joined in with the singing. For many of the ladies this was their first time—in who knows how long spending a day just relaxing and having fun!

When we arrived at the beach, we all enjoyed a delicious picnic of ham sandwiches, fruit salad, and pineapple upside-down cake! Kathie Perkinson and Malaya were the engineers of the fruit salad and cake. The ladies were just having so much fun being able to relax and enjoy fellowship together.

After everyone had finished eating, it was time to swim! The ladies swam for only a little bit before beginning to search the shore and shallow waters for seashells, starfishes, and a strange looking sea caterpillar thing—they all were hilarious with that! They found some beautiful shells and starfishes though.

The ladies then returned to the beach with all of their treasures and spent time playing all of the games they use to play as schoolgirls. They played a game similar to “Little Sally Walker” and a game where you pass rocks and lose if you have the most rocks in front of you when the game is over. It was hilarious to watch! None of them wanted to lose and it was quite the debate each time someone lost. It was so good to see them forget, even if it was just for a short time, their many troubles and responsibilities that they have at home. They were able to be free and have fun for one afternoon and it was obvious how much it meant for each one of them.

I also had the chance to quickly walk to Karnage with Miss Beth and Amy, after we returned from the picnic. Karnage is a village that has been difficult to minister to in the past because of their hardened hearts. However, in recent years they have experienced some serious heart change. We took this quick trip because I wanted to be able to visit some of my friends there before I leave Monday…

One of the mommas in the orphanage, Momma Youlie, lives in Karnage and we were able to spend some time talking with her and her family. We also got to visit baby Jonathon! Late this spring, Jonathon’s mother passed away only five days after he was born. His aunt has stepped in as his mom and has been able to come to the NWHCM clinic to receive formula every week. I absolutely loved being able to see his progress. He is no longer a little baby and is now nearly a toddler! He cannot walk just yet but can sit up on his own. He was full of smiles and giggles as we played with him! It was so precious!

Tonight, we are having another movie night with the kids in the orphanage as well as the staff kids. After the movie the staff kids have requested a games of hide-n-seek. It should be quite the blast and challenge as most of them have already put on their black clothes to prepare for it!

Tomorrow will be my last full day in the Mole and it is already looking like it will be another whirlwind of a day but full of great things! I am so thankful that God allowed me to spend two weeks in Haiti. It has been, like always, a stretching, learning, and growing experience!


Hello from Haiti. This is Colleen. It’s been another beautiful day in Mole St Nicolas.  I have had a good day spending time with the orphans. They are always happy to have someone pay attention to them and play with them. They are beautiful children. I have been trying to get individual pictures of them since I’ve been here. It’s a lot more work than you may think. There are 34 of them and they are everywhere. And then trying to get them by themselves when they try to get several in there at the same time. I think I got them all, but I am tired now.

The children got to come and do a craft today, so I was trying to get each one as they finished their project.

It has been hot today, but there is a wonderful breeze blowing now. It’s wonderful.

I miss my family, but I am happy to be here. I’m looking forward to going to service tomorrow in the new church building.



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  1. I loved the video! All the ladies have beautiful voices. It’s nice to see them having so much fun. Colleen I can’t wait to see the pictures of the babies when you come home tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed the service. I’m praying for everyone who is returning tomorrow. Praying for traveling mercies.

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