New Year 2016… Animal Give-Away

We started the New Year off by blessing 5 families with a pair of goats and 2 with donkeys!

Our Animal Ministry offers families a chance to provide for their children. The donkeys can be rented daily to haul water and/or supplies. The families who received goats can breed them.

It’s also a lot of fun on campus to host the animals as we wait for the families to arrive! And of course it’s fun as well to walk back to town with them and the zoo!  (As you will see in the pictures).

We’ve seen the fruits of this ministry in SO many ways! It’s given mothers the means to leave abusive situations & keep their daughters from entering into dangerous ones. We’ve seen the elderly in our communities finally able to afford shelter – no longer sleeping on porches each night.

I want to thank everyone who helped make this New Year extra special for these faithful & loving families in Mole St Nicolas! May God bless you as you have so richly blessed them.

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