Texas Tech 2016 Day 2…

Hey family and friends!

Kristen here!

Today has been filled with just pure joy and a whole lot of fun! This morning we took three boats to KaPaFu, which is a little secluded town of straw huts. Once we arrived we just did normal things with the people that live there. We painted nails and I got to hold a beautiful baby boy with the biggest brown eyes I have ever seen.

We performed our “Everything Skit” twice for the people of Ka Pa Fu. This was the first time they have seen this skit so it was pretty cool to be involved in that. After the skit we had a legit dance party! We played some loud pump up music and just went wild with all of our dance moves and didn’t even care if we looked a little off or silly dancing. It was in this moment of dancing that I just felt filled with pure joy that only the Lord fills us with. It’s hard to describe what exactly this feeling was but I just couldn’t stop smiling.

We danced with the kids and even the adults. I definitely made sure to throw in some ACDC into the mix of jams. When it was time to leave KaPaFu I saw a real life sea turtle being tied up in one of our boats. Immediately I was like oh gosh thank goodness that turtle is not in my boat!!

Naturally however, that turtle was in fact in the boat I was riding back in (haha). I sat towards the front of the boat to avoid the sea turtle not knowing that the front was the definition of SPLASH ZONE. By the time we arrived back on land there was not a dry part on my body! That was definitely a memorable boat ride to say the least, but it was so fun and I will forever remember the “never ending log ride”!!

Later today we got to take the orphans to the beach and play with them. This part of the day was full of smiles and giggles. Sondley and Magdalie were my little beach buddies. As soon as we got to the beach we hit the water full sprint. Sondley was super shy at first but once we got in the water I started tossing him up in the air and catching him and he just lit up with the biggest smile and his laughter filled the air.

Just to see the little smiles on all of the children’s faces and the light in their eyes brought joy to my heart and I found myself smiling nonstop. These children are so precious and I am so thankful we had the time to love on them and be children with them.

Today I just reflected on the beauty of this place. Today was simple yet filled with so much. Sometimes simple things can be the best things. John 14:27 says, “I am leaving you with a gift-peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.” Today, I knew God had me right where I was supposed to be for the week. I was overcome with His passion for the people of Haiti and felt the comfort of His arms holding me tight. I am so excited to see how God uses our team this week to serve Him and His people! I have a burst of excitement just building up for the rest of our time here in Haiti.


Brad and Randy’s Daily Adventure:

Don’t you just love it when Roosters, (commonly referred to in the United States as male chickens) know when you are asleep in your circadian rhythm (just like Santa Claus?)

The last two nights our faith has been tested: Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically, & Circadian Rhythmically?

Imagine this: You are asleep. Next thing ya know, BOOM! REM cycle destroyed.

The hair on the back of your neck and ankles stand up. Sweaty palms.

Shaky knees. That’s the sign of the rooster. The calm before the storm.

4am. The sun is not in sight. The rooster, knowing precious sleep is at stake, does everything to physically break our sanity. We have learned that even when the rooster crows, God is good!!

Please pray that the rooster will learn from our groans, yelling, and heartache that he is crowing at the incorrect time.Have an EGG-cellent day!




This team is awesome! Everyone is SO happy to see old friends and make new ones.

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Thanks! 🙂


  1. Thank you so much for your updates!! I love reading them. Brings back so many memories from my trip to the Mole! I definitely left a piece of my heart when I left:) have a great trip, and as Jody reminded us- to not only be the hands and feet of Jesus, but also be the face ofJesus! God Bless You all!!!

  2. The Lord is good! Y’all, these updates make my heart soar. Keep being the hands, feet, face of Christ.
    Praying for you daily.
    P.s. Brad & Randy: roosters are the worst. I read that out loud to the fam and they loled (if that’s a thing)…anyway, all y’all are awesome.
    Much love ❤️ Lindsey, my mom says hi and that she’s praying for you 😊

  3. Its so great to hear from ya’ll! Loved hearing about your skit, having a dance party and the sea turtle, so cool…glad you got to play with the kids at the beach, i know that was fun for all of you. The pictures are great, keep them coming. Praying you have all adapted well to the culture and enjoying your new surroundings with the Haitian people and being the light of Jesus to them all! Keep up the great Kingdom work and somebody keep Khalil in line.
    Blessings, Penny

  4. Bonju! Glad to hear that everyone is having a great time! (Except Brad and Randy… Eat the rooster. Establish dominance.) y’all haven’t missed in anything in the LBK except the wind and dirt. Spring break for us basically means sandstorm filled 90 degree days and chilly 40 degree nights. On the lighter side, the roads seem safer with all of the Tech students gone. I’ve only got one person this week. 🙂 Don’t forget to take time to look up at night! The midnight sky in Haiti is much bigger than anything Texas can produce! Love you all and praying for you! Love, Dillon.

  5. Praying for you all. Having been there I am glad to hear good things happening. Our wakeup call was a dog.

  6. It is completely amazing seeing all of you working and spreading the good news. The highlight of my day is checking the site and reading about the day and seeing the pictures! Not only are y’all true disciples of Christ, but inspirations to all of us!
    Today as y’all are spreading God’s word, sharing your hugs and shining your lights remember that is joy to the Lord. In giving joy to him, he will supply you with all the strength you need to do anything!
    Have a fantastical day! Im praying for all of you. God bless all the coordinators if this group.
    I love and miss you Ashley Kate and am proud of your big, sweet heart. ❤️

    Prayers & hugs
    Donna Guy

  7. So glad you guys made it safely! Praying for your trip and the health of your team. Tell Carson that it took me 3 days to find the blog. I had to call Penny and stalk the Wesley FB page. My skills are declining. 🙂

    You guys are troopers for the long bus ride. That driver must be a quite the road missionary.

    You girls are doing a great job writing the blog and I am so glad to see your smiling faces. God does go before you and we are so proud you are walking in obedience to your call. Love on those kids and the results will be eternal.

    Marty & Crystal Maher (Carson’s parents)

  8. I look forward to hearing about your experiences each day and love the pictures! Praying for your comfort and that you are able to rest comfortably when it’s time to rest and for your strength and comfort when you are spreading God’s word. You are doing great things and I can see the light of the Lord on everyone’s face. May God bless each one of you and all that you will tough. Praying continually for you all Jodie
    P.S.! Love you bunches! Ty-

  9. I can’t wait to check my computer in the morning to hear all about what the Lord is doing through you guys in Haiti. It is so amazing to see God use young people as He is doing with you. You are blessing others, but I can see that you are being blessed immeasurably as well. I am being blessed and encouraged just following along. I am praying that you not grow weary in doing good. I love seeing all of your smiling faces (I really miss seeing yours, Claire Porter!) The joy of the Lord is your strength!
    Sending prayers your way,
    Mitch and Marsha (Claire’s mom and dad)

  10. YAAAAAS KaPaFu!!!! YAAAAAS LIL NUGGETS AT THE BEACH!!!! I’m so encouraged by yalls words and my heart is so so happy for all of the things y’all are seeing. Keep pressing into The Lord. Keep loving. Keep serving. Love y’all a lot!!

  11. The first thing I did this morning was read your blog. It filled me with such inspiration and joyful tears. I am so reminded of Ephesians 1-11 where we are reminded that Christ has blessed us in the heavenly realms with EVERY SPIRITUAL BLESSING IN CHRIST and have been predestined to be a part of His plan that will glorify Him! To know that you all are absolutely an incredible part of His plan to bring joy and light to the Haitian people, it fills me with such thanksgiving. Remember, Ephesians 2:10, “For we (this Tech mission team) are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus, to do good works which God has prepared in ADVANCE for us(each and every one of you) to do!” Praying for you all today, Kent and Debbie (Kelly’s mom and dad)

  12. Thank you for the updates! It makes me so happy to see your smiling faces 🙂 The love you have in your hearts can be felt through your pictures and I hope you hold these memories near & dear forever❤
    I’ve been praying for you everyday and now I’ll pray that rooster goes away! 🙂
    Love & hugs,
    -Mia’s mama, Amy Burns

  13. I loved waking up this morning to read this post and to see your photos before I went to work. You are all doing wonderful work in the Lord’s name and I’m so blessed to be able to read about the difference God is making in Haiti and in each one of you.

    Y’all are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Laura (Brad’s sis)

    P.S. – Brad, I read your part as Randy was the rooster, lol. Sorry, Randy.

  14. We have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your photos. Cannot wait for the next post. We are proud of you and the work you all are doing. Praying for the team and the people of Haiti. Brad, NO pet roosters!

    Cathy & Paul Shine (Brad’s Mom & Dad)

  15. We have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your photos. Cannot wait for the next post. We are proud of you and the work you all are doing. Praying for the team and the people of Haiti. Brad – NO pet roosters!

    Cathy & Paul Shine (Brad’s Mom & Dad)

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