Hopton Group Day 1…

Yesterday we began our long adventure to the amazing country of Haiti. We hopped on a plane in Cincinnati, and had a short ride to Atlanta. Before we even made it to Atlanta, however, is where our fun began.

Brad didn’t know pudding and applesauce was liquid and had to be in a zip lock bag. So picture this: we’re going through security shoving applesauce and pudding in whatever open bag space we could. Lesson learned bag it or dump it, or it’ll end up all over your stuff and someone will mistake sunscreen for pudding, nice one Jenna. ☺

Once in Atlanta it was a straight shot to Haiti. Surprisingly enough, our travels were very smooth with the worst part being our popping ears. Haiti customs went great! We got through with little to no problems.

This morning we woke up at 5:30 am to catch a small10 passenger flight to The Mole where we saw some of the most beautiful sights. Wow the water is crazy blue! We soon wondered into the orphanage where I saw some of the most beautiful smiles! I think the kids look better in my sunglasses then I do!

Once we got all settled and had ourselves a nice, cold glass of Coke, we took the kids down to the beach. Sandy shoes have never felt better! There’s something about sitting with kids, laughing, dancing and just playing in the water. I like to call it child therapy. You would never know there was a language barrier.

We are all “Zanmi” here which means “friend”.  We’re not Haitian or American, we’re Zanmi. We’re safe, alive, and laughing!

Tonight we sit down for dinner and devotions and tomorrow we throw our first theme party of the week, which is Olympics! Looking forward to more adventures and making more memories!

Love, The Squad

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