Hopton Group Day 2…

We have survived our first official day at the Mole!

It was nothing less than incredible, a little crazy, but God remained more Persistent than the Devil today, and so He does everyday.

With it being the heat of Easter, we have constantly been reminded that Jesus is alive. This morning, we were given the opportunity to go hut to hut and pray with many Haitian families. Many of them seemed hopeless, but you could see a very noticeable change in their expressions and their posture.

God showed up this morning for sure.

Later in the afternoon, we were able to throw our first “Olympic” theme party for 125 kids here in Mole St. Nicolas.  These kids were told that, in the same way that God helped David defeat Goliath – He will help you too.

The kids glowed in excitement when they were able to get their Olympic metals when they had won the game. Although there is a language barrier between us, there definitely wasn’t a love barrier. The love of Jesus radiated today here at the Mole.

Our prayer this morning was part of the prayer of Jabez, “Oh, God that you would bless us richly, indeed.  And so he did.

Tonight, we are packing 250 sandwiches for our Easter service tomorrow and we are planning to surprise one of the poorest islands in all of Haiti. God is Good.

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