Strand of 3 … Day 1 & 2

(The Mowerys, Northwest Group, & Lelia have all made it safely to the Mole!)

Hello from the Mole- It’s Lelia Austin here. The love and power of God has been shown in ways my heart could not imagine. He is alive and here, even in the depth of sorrow; please continue to pray that we can decrease the depth of that sorrow here.

Yesterday was a day of travel for us so we spent the night in PAP at the Coconut Village. They fed us well and treated us so kindly. This morning we boarded two little planes and headed to Mole.

Most of our first day in Mole was spent organizing and prepping for the week ahead. The sweetest translators took us on a tour of the town, showing us a few churches and the police station. During our tour a little girl, maybe 2 years old, with the biggest smile chased us down to show us a wave hi and her beautiful smile.

I couldn’t get to the kiddos in the orphanage here fast enough. The time finally came to go have some fun and play with the kiddos, and my heart was screaming with joy!! We colored, threw frisbees and loved on them. And they have so much love to give back.

The Castillo family and the staff here have taken us in like their own. It’s a blessing to be here. The testimonies here are moving mountains!!!

Brian, Zach, and Chloe— I miss you all more than words can say. I can’t wait to share with you the beauty of our God and how he is working in Haiti. I love you all bunches!!

Blessings and Love,



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  1. Oh Lelia! I did not realize you were on a mission trip until I just read this!!! Praying for you precious long time friend!!! I pray that God blesses you more than your mind can imagine!!! Love you!!!

    1. Lelia, we are so happy you all made it safely and that you’re having such a wonderful time. I know you have so much love, joy and knowledge to share with the children and we can’t wait for your return. We love you!
      -Tori, Scooter, Dad

  2. I’m so happy that you all made it there safely. I love that everyone looks so happy to be where god has led each and every one of you. Ludgi, I’m so proud of you stepping out into an unknown territory and outside your comfort zone. I’m so happy for you and we miss you. I’m getting new clothes together for the kids. This week at my grandparents it’s going to he a high of 65 or so. Also, we are packing up a ton of toys. This weekend has been a blessing with just the kids and I. We have been having a blast but of course missing my other half. The kids have been talking all the time about how your in Haiti I showed them these pictures and they were so excited to see you.

    Jayden wants to say hi. ” Dear mommy, we love you, everyone loves you mommy. It sad that daddy is going to miss us too. we are going to be gone to Great Grandmas and great grandpas. Everyone in Haiti is going to love you in Haiti. It was fun today at church. We had Panda Express after church.We love Jesus and Jesus love us too.”

    Angelina “Hi mommy!! I miss your kisses and your hugs. I love knowing mommy and loving you and you getting me a present for not hitting Jayden. Your so pretty and so special for your whole life. Come home in five minutes. ”

    I can’t wait to see and read what god is doing through this great mission. Sending a ton of prayers to everyone.

  3. To Micah and Robbie:
    From Ben – I love you and miss you. I hope you come back from Haiti with a pet bat or cat to keep at our house as a pet.
    From Macey: Hi Dad! Hi Micah! I hope you are having a good time! I hope you tell me and mom all about it when you get home. We miss you very much! See you Saturday!
    From Jacquie: Hey all! I am so excited to hear travel went smoothly! I have been praying for you all often. I hope that you are all challenged and blessed this week! Robbie and Micah, I love and miss you lots! Please take pictures so we can hear about what you did! Have a great night!

  4. Dear Micah and Robbie:
    From Ben: I love you and miss you! I hope you bring a bat or a cat from Haiti to keep at our house as a pet.
    From Macey: Hi Dad! Hi Micah! I hope you are having a good time! We all miss you very much! Hope you come home safely!
    Hey Guys! I am so glad to hear travel went smoothly! I hope you are enjoying those 80+ degree temps for us! We have been praying for you often! Enjoy your week! I love you both! Jacquie

  5. Hi Mom/Diana, We are so glad you arrived safely! We are thinking of you with inspiration as you share your love and kindness with the precious people you will meet on your mission trip. We will keep checking site for updates and photos!

    Love, Rick and Susan

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