Strand of 3… Day 3

It’s closing in on dinnertime on this beauteous Sunday, April 3 here in Haiti.  We woke early to gorgeous sunshine and a light breeze.  None of us got much sleep.  Party music blared last night until very late and mosquitos made themselves known.  And it was the first night in a very new and different place.

Jody had a full day planned for us!  She is a master planner.  Church was a blessing.  Watching and listening to worship by our Haitian neighbors through music with seemingly so much more spirit than ours is uplifting.  We are outwardly spiritless by comparison.  We were blessed by a message from Robby, translated into Creole by Pierre.

After a lunch of some kind of tasty stew over rice (with hot sauce, served with every meal), we headed to the beach with the kids who reside at the orphanage here on the Mole campus.  We brought some of the balls that we brought from the states.  The waves were a bit rough today, so we kept the kids close to the beach.  Some of the kids were timid and others just threw themselves into the water.  We stayed close behind.  They had a blast.

I paired up with a lovely child by the name of Laika.  She would not go in without me picking her up, and would not let me put her down once I picked her up.  She clung and clung, so I held her close for a long time, just standing together in a couple of inches of water.  I was touched by her desire to be held.  These kids are so blessed that Jody and Jose have opened their hearts and taken a giant leap of faith to put this amazing place on the map.  Without God working through them, there would be so much more darkness.

So after the beach, there was an Easter Party!   About 30 kids participated in dance, crafts and games, followed by PBJs and cake.  We were also blessed by a special dance that a small group of kids had prepared for us.  We are having dinner soon, and there is a movie night in town planned for a bit later.

Jody & Jose have shown me what it truly means to be servants.  Their lives every day are lived to bring Christ and His light into this world where the people have little in lots of ways.  They are an inspiration.  As usual, we get more than we give.  Praise God.


LUDGI – Hi family!! I miss you guys so so so much! Thank you for your sweet messages. I cannot wait to give you all tight hugs and big kisses. Mommy was happy to hear how much fun you are having with daddy. You guys will have a lot of fun with grandma too, Please remember to use your manners and STAY TOGETHER J mommy loves you too much to lose you.

Babe, thank you and I love you.

God bless you <3 <3


Diana Palatnik- Dearest Ricky and Sue, what a joy to read your message. Thank you for your good wishes and your caring.

Many blessings, los amos



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The team truly loved hearing from you tonight.


  1. Dear Diana Palatnik. We are praying for you. Bobby and Lisa Grandma we love you and are praying for you too. Madeline and charlize

  2. Hey Robbie and Micah! We commented too late yesterday, but I wanted to let you know we are thinking of and praying for you often! I hope you are enjoying every moment!

    Dear friends – I pray that you feel the Lord drawing you closer to Him! May he use your experiences to reveal his truth and purpose for you at this point in your life! Have an amazing week!

  3. I just love all the pictures seeing the smiles on everyone’s face it is so fulfilling. With all the crazy politics and dark things that are published and shared. It is so great to get updates in my inbox ,of what God is doing through this team. Thank you all and may God keep you all safe.

    Ludgi , The kids are super excited to go to great grandmas tomorrow. Don’t you worry about us. We are doing great. I will call the kids everyday and let you know how they are doing. If you start missing the kids a lot go to the orphanage and that will help. I went to the grocery store alone and I was like wow what do I do in this place again. Anyways, I can’t wait to see more pictures. I love you.

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