Our Boat Supplies Arrive!

It’s Christmas in April!

That’s right! You heard me!

Our boatload of supplies has arrived!

I’m sure you remember the devastating news – the boat that had a year’s worth of ministry supplies for us and my parents sank in September of last year. Here’s the link as a reminder: https://molehaiti.org/2015/10/03/bullied-by-satan-but-our-god-is-greater/

Jose, Asher, & I flew out of Haiti in October of last year and spent 3 weeks re-packing supplies thanks to SO MANY generous supporters! In fact – not only did we replace the majority of the supplies that sank– for many of them – we collected EVEN MORE than we started off with!

God took our burden on as His own – and we felt Him reach down from Heaven and place His loving arms around our ministries and us. We felt His love poured out on us as He nudged & tugged on the hearts of friends and strangers alike. We cried tears of joy as we watched God go above and beyond anything we could have ever imagined. Though it was a time of great sadness – it was also a time of great humbleness – of great joy – of great mercy & grace.

Ephesians 3:20 – Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us

The supplies have been sitting at the dock in Miami since late November. The new boat we are using experienced a long series of delays. Every week we called and would hear the famous line – “We’ll start loading next week”. Four months later and the supplies finally arrived!

As you can see in the picture – my living room has literally become the new Home Depot! LOL! It’s like Sam’s Club threw-up in my living room…only this mess is going to be SO MUCH FUN to clean up! 🙂



The fans we collected for the campus were distributed last week and there were LOTS of happy faces!


We have hundreds of pounds of rice & beans! We have hundreds of pounds of peanut butter too! As well as soaps, shampoos, toothpastes, baby formula, clothes, shoes, medical supplies, party supplies, office supplies, cleaning supplies, kitchen supplies, school supplies, flashlights, fireworks, gifts for the fishing villages, & much more!


In a few weeks we will host a revival now that our church instruments have arrived! We want the people in Preskul to hear us! We’ve got BIG speakers that should make that pretty easy now! LOL!

Personal Items:

In November– we brought back some of our kids’ schoolbooks. We also had a very sweet lady fly into Haiti and bring us the rest so we didn’t have to pay expensive shipping charges.

In December – when we realized the boat wouldn’t make it for Christmas – we moved several crates to another boat. So the week before Christmas all of our seasonal items arrived.


Our patio furniture arrived without any damage! WAHOO! We hope to use this area to do our group devotions for smaller teams. SO much better than the hard picnic tables! We are still putting our canopy together but it should also serve as a great shaded place for the kids to play.


We’ve had the same mattress for nearly 18 years. Our box springs arrived but the actual mattress did not make the ship this time. We did locate it back at the docks. Just something else to look forward to next month!

Thanks to John Lewis – our baby furniture was put together and little Fabi got to be the first to try out the crib! We have created a medical nursery in our home to help small children who may need a little therapy/extended medical attention.



Thank you for proving God WINS! They credited satan for the boat sinking – but we showed them Greater is HE! Satan can bully but he doesn’t get the victory.

Thank you for showing this community what the body of Christ can do when they come together. Everyone played a part – no role too small – no sacrifice unseen.

Thank you for being the light so others may step out of darkness.

Thank you for being the hands, feet, & face of Jesus. Thank you for showing His heart to people who are begging for a Savior they don’t even know they need.

Saying ‘Thank you’ just doesn’t seem enough. I wish you could be here to personally witness the impact these supplies will have on our ministry. I know God will do immeasurably more than we can even dream of.

Thank you on behalf of our family, on behalf of our NWCM staff, and on behalf of this amazing community God has called us to serve.

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