Men’s Ministry Round 2 & 3…

God is definitely moving in the hearts of the men in the Mole!

We’ve done several discipleship groups with our ladies before – but there’s never been funding for the men. But all that changed in 2016! Pastor Agenor is now mid-way through his 3rd round of Men’s Ministry.

Group 1

For his first group he started with 5 men who didn’t have a relationship with Jesus. He met with them for 8 weeks straight. One man left the group after week 3. He had no desire to begin a relationship with Christ.

There was another man in this group that accepted Christ as his personal Savior around week 5. A few weeks later –  after the classes were finished – another man came back to Pastor Agenor and said that the Lord had been heavy on his heart and he also wanted to accept Christ! Praise the Lord!

Group 2

In March we finished up our 2nd discipleship group. We started with 6 men. Of these 6 men… 3 of them accepted Christ and asked to be baptized. Woot! Woot!



We started Group 3 at the beginning of the month with 13 men. We are not even half-way into the study and 6 of these men have already asked Jesus to come into their heart! What??? Right??


The men in this village are beginning to rise up!!

Our God is an awesome God! 


At the end of the 8-week Discipleship Class we offer a life-changing gift to all the participants as long as they don’t miss ANY classes. Yes – perhaps they sign-up for the class hoping to win something.

BUT I’ve also just arranged 8 dates between them and Jesus! I knew if we could just allow them the chance to experience the presence of God – they’d totally fall in love! And we are watching it unfold week by week.

Here’s Group 2 receiving goats for completing the class! To see Group 1 – here’s their link:

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