Women’s Discipleship Group 2016

It’s been a little over a year since we’ve led a women’s discipleship group. The men in our church are already on round 3 this year! It’s certainly not a competition but our Dame’s Group came to me in March and reminded me that it’s time to start-up another group of ladies. They have a hunger & thirst for leading more women to Christ.

So on April 23rd we met with our first Discipleship Group of 2016. We have 15 women in this group. None of them have have a relationship with Christ though many know who He is. This group will be meeting every Saturday at 4pm for 6 weeks. Please keep this day & time in your prayers as Miss Beth leads the message each week.

I was sick this past weekend –  unable to attend the Saturday session. But the ladies surprised me today and came to pray for me. The ladies WE are discipling – came to pray for ME? Wow! How am I supposed to react to that? We’re supposed to be ministering to them -and in two weeks they’re already ministering to me.

I had Momma Gigi take some pictures of those who came by today. I have to tell you it is NOT natural for Haitians to smile when you take pictures. I typically have to say something really sassy to make them grin. Momma Gigi said she tried. They would laugh right up until the point she’d snap the picture! These silly ladies!

So here’s some photos  along with a list of names. Will you please pray for these ladies by name. Will you please pray that they will fall deeply in love with Jesus Christ and accept Him as their Savior? Will you pray for their families? Satan most definitely has a target on their back – especially these 6 weeks where we fight to show them how worthy they are  – how beautiful they are – how loved they are.

Names: Micheline, Soiteriel, Mme Eldius, Methnise, Francoise, Eliane, Melila, Marilia, Erziliu, Mercilia, Andrelia, Secitha, Mayuelitha, Man tilet, & Alliance.



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  1. I wanted you to know I just talked with the King of kings on behalf of your ladies discipleship class. I spoke their names one by one. He says He has a plan and a purpose for each of them. He knitted them in their mother’s womb and He will never leave them alone. Be encouraged. God is doing amazing things in the Mole.

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