Rooted 2016 Day 3…

Heeeyyyy everybody!!! Collin here, thanks so much for taking the time to check this out and pray for us! This past day has been full of excitement and has been soo much fun. It started at about 2:30 this morning when I felt a few rain drops through the ceiling of our tent. I woke up and thought, hmmm, that’s weird. And then Ely said “ya, that’s rain!” and we all lept from our cots to figure out what to do, we started by picking up our gear tent and shoving it under the porch to keep all of stuff from getting soaked, but that didn’t help our beds in the other tent. I looked up to see Ely sprinting off into the darkness to return with a tent fly! Perfect I thought! This will solve all our problems! So we throw the fly on the tent and crawl back into our slightly damp beds, after the local roosters finished their conversations and the lightning rolled past we drifted back asleep. Then it started raining again! And I thought mmmm I love the sound of rain on a tent! Then it started falling through the fly in prefect little streams like a nice cold shower! So we all jump up and grab as much of our bedding as we can and spent the rest of the night sleeping on the tables in the dining hall! So that was a wonderful start to the day, but the girls also had an interesting night, I’ll pass this off to Bailey to tell their story.

Hey all! Along with the guys, the girls also had an interesting night… For the second night in a row. Thankfully, we did not get covered in water because we sleep surrounded by four walls and a ceiling above the clinic. After dozing for a bit, many of us were woken up by chanting, drums, and the sounds of many animals. We quickly realized that there was a Voodoo service happening at around 12:30 this morning. Thankfully, this service was not near where we were sleeping, and these services are very, very rarely out in the open. It was still incredibly interesting to hear the service happening and many of us stayed up for quite a bit to hear this service play out. We also had an incredibly eye-opening discussion about this experience the next morning. When the service ended, we all dozed off and were expecting to have some peaceful sleep. Then, we heard what sounded like thousands of steel balls being dropped on the tin roof above us. Rain! Oh man, it was raining! The tin roof was so loud you could barely hear your thoughts! The boys! Oh no! The boys are in tents and there is no rain cover! That is what many of us were thinking and saying when we started hearing the rain. Needless to say, we were doing A LOT more praying than sleeping last night. Now, back to Collin for the rest of the day!

All of this to say I’m thankful that we all survived the night and made it to breakfast! This morning we put on a medical clinic for the people of the Mole. We handed out lots of antibiotics and pain relievers to people with infections and pain and even got to patch up a young man with a large wound on his leg. It was amazing to see God work through, and join along side, Jody and Kenson and Pierre this morning as they met the people of the mole where they were and brought them the medical attention that they needed.

After lunch we geared up for VBS again and got ready for the kids to show up. Todays activities were parachute and soccer and the bible story was about how Jesus fed the 5000 with 5 loaves and 2 fish to teach the children about how God always provides for us! After the craft and songs we walked the children into town and visited their homes. This was a great opportunity for all of our team members to see a different side of town and for us to bring Jesus to the city and the families of the kids attending. Praying for them and seeing their homes is always eye opening and a huge reminder of how blessed we are to have all that we do and live in such a safe and healthy country.

This evening we watched a short video of a lady talking about her trip to Haiti and Gods peace. The following discussion was another reminder of how great our Father is and how even in the scariest, craziest and most extreme places He gives us an unfathomable peace to drown out all other distractions and draw us close to him. Thanks for all your prayers and keep them up! Love ya Andy, Gracie, Liney, Colson and Ally! Can’t wait to see yall in a few days!


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  1. Thanks for the great blog. What opportunities you have had to show Christ’s love. God reminded me this morning that that there isn’t anything that you need, that he can’t provide. I’m praying for all of you that he will continue to give you all that you need to continue to be His hands and feet this week. When we are weak, He is strong.
    Cheryl Anderson

  2. Thank you for your posts. It is wonderful to hear how God is working through you and in you. The grace of God is truly amazing.! Love and prayers to all, especially from Buddy to Amanda who is looking forward to her return.

  3. Good Morning Rooted Team,
    Just a note to let you all know that we are praying for all of you the the people that you are ministering to. May the dear Lord continue to bless all of you, especially Katie, and may He keep you tents warm and dry guys. With love & prayers,Grandparents W.

  4. Hey all!! So jealous of your rain, its so hot over here in the gorgeous town of Durango! Praying for better weather as you go into the weekend and hopeful for a good nights rest without cold, rain soaked beds! Praying for your team daily and all the work you guys are doing for the Lord, love you Collin!

  5. Love you Collin! Great update you two, I’m so glad to see how the Lord is using you all! Love and miss you!

  6. Awesome note Collin and Bailey! Sorry you all had a rough night but it definitely sounds like God is at work and doing great things! Miss you Collin and praying you are staying healthy! Keep up the great work and keep loving on all those kids with Jesus awesome love!!!

  7. It’s gonna rain in Durango, too! Though we aren’t sleeping in tents sooooo I guess it’s not the same…. Ely, we miss you!!! <3 Love love love!

  8. Yall are rock stars! Keep the details coming, and keep spreading the word! You guys are the hands of the body of Christ on this trip!

    Now is the time to go out of your comfort zones for Christ. Pray for the kids, a translator, one of the cooks, and just be with them. See them for who they are, as they are doing Gods work alongside you!

    Also, tell Norris that I am offended I did not get a shout out, but whatevs.

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