Rooted 2016… Happy Mother’s Day


I Johnathan will be scribing the blog today.

What a great mothers day and last full day in the Mole! Today was Sunday (duh) so we woke up rather early (for the guys a couple roosters decided to come visit us in bed) ate breakfast and went to church. It was a beautiful service with lots of worship and prayer and several sermons (I think) we of course didn’t understand a word. The Haitians welcomed us in the service and we introduced ourselves then took communion with them.

While none of it made sense I felt the presence of God and it was awesome worshiping with them. After church we had the afternoon to ourselves and accomplished much napping and swimming in the ocean, and of course hanging out with the kiddos (I think its important to know while writing this blog rat hunting was also going on).

In the evening we had a bonfire/cook out on the beach and had our closing devotional while the sun set. Tomorrow we fly to Port-Au-Prince where we will stay overnight and come home in the morning, Lord willing we will arrive in Denver around 3pm. This trip has been absolutely fantastic and while I am excited for our return to the mountain hamlet of Durango I am also sad to leave Haiti, and will count down the days until I return Lord willing. I wish all the moms a fantastic mothers day with a special shout out to my very GRANDmother whom I love very much. Below some team members will also give some special shout outs.

Much love from the Mole,


Happy Mother’s Day Mom!! I love you! –Amanda

Hey Momma Happy Mother’s Day, I love you to the moon and back! I’ll see you soon Give everyone a hug back at home and cuddle with bandit for me! -Aryanna

I love you Mom! Maybe some year I will be home for Mothers day again, but celebrating with a pre-spa day was good bonding! (Although, the polish really did melt off…) Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks! –Kimm-er-Pooh

Happy Mother’s Day Mama Girl! I love you to the moon and back! I’ll see you in a couple days!! J ALSO Happy Mother’s Day to Mama A! Love you and miss you too!


Happy Mothers Day Mom! I love you so much and can’t wait to see you when I get back! Thanks for all that you do and all of the encouragement you bring into my life! Love you tons! ~ Collin

I hope you had a wonderful Mothers’ Day, Mom! Can’t wait to see you in a couple days and tell you all about the wonderful adventures of Haiti. Love you looooottttssss! 😛 ~Katie


This is their last blog…..and we are sad to see them go. Parents you’ve done an incredible job raising these young adults….who spent every moment this week advancing the Kingdom in His name. Their joyful attitudes never wavered even through pouring rain and bugs as big as their heads!! Lol! Thank you for sharing them with this community and we pray their lives were as blessed as ours were this week!




  1. Thank you for the amazing mothers day wishes. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful children who love the Lord like you all. My prayers is for God to multiple your efforts just as he multiplied the fish and bread to literally feed thousands of hungry hearts. Cherish your last moments there and God’s speed and safety on your trip home. Love in Christ. ….Aryanna’s mom

  2. Thanks for the Mother’s Day greeting. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you love and serve God. What joy we have when God uses us. Praying for safe travels- no injuries! Love you! Katie’s mom

  3. Sending all my love to a GRANDson, Johnathan. Loved your posts and appreciate those wonderful pics.

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