Colfax Day 1 & 2…

God meets our needs!!! Today was the first of three days of sports camp. We had 14 teenagers come and participate (Alaim, Tigar, Aubry, Dophly, Henold, Kelvens, Rivalson, Robenson, Hector, Nelkendy, Nelfete, Ernst, etc.).

We started by asking them to share their names, tell us about their families, and share their favorite sport. Then we started off playing basketball. Towards the end we had an American Vs. Haitian game. Funny enough we tied up the game at 7 to 7!

Tomorrow we will revisit this friendly competition. Then we into a snack time (peanut butter and a sweety drink; which lives up to its name). After snack time Chris (our youth minister) led our first lesson on God meets our physical needs.

Then we split into three groups and led prayer for the Haitian teenagers. They asked us to pray for their faith, their families, and their schools. Can you pray for those guys and those needs as well? After lesson, we split into two groups: one played gaga ball and the other group played ping pong. They had never played either game. They loved it!

We finished by bringing them in for cokes and letting them ask us any question they wanted. One boy asked us if we could teach him our language. The mission is going to follow up with him. Finally we awarded one of them with a brand new soccer ball. The teenager selected was Alaim. His face lit up! We closed in inviting them back the next – and with prayer!

Quote of Tuesday: “Thanks for the help I didn’t ask for…” Ask us when we get stateside! 🙂

Moment of Monday: As we load a plane that only holds 5 passengers, Paul says “We want an exciting flight!” Minutes later, the pilot asked Chris to look out the window at which point he rolled the plane to the left hard! Then back to the right and then up and down. Chris and Owen shook for the next 5 minutes. When they finally calmed down he went up and then dropped it drastically…which caused Chris to scream (but in a very manly way). This moment will never be forgotten! ~Paul~

Quote of Sunday (Day we left for Haiti): “There will be air conditioning in the dorms, right?!” ~Owen Lloyd~ I have been told that this quote is possibly embellished. It was followed with much laughter. Today, I also heard Owen say, “I have never had sweat come out of my legs.” So NO…no AC!!!!

Thank you for your prayers…not for us…but for the guys we listed above. A special thank you to Colfax Christian Church. We are serving with all our hearts as an extension of our church family back home. We would not be here if not for your loving support and prayers.

~Paul Del Valley, Senior Minister~

Colfax Christian Church

Colfax, Indiana


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  1. My mind keeps trying to imagine the plane ride! I keep cracking up reading your description. I can definitely see/hear Chris’ “manly scream”! I can only imagine the many more memories you guys will make. Owen, you crack me up with the A/C!
    It’s good to hear an update about sports camp too, thank you for including the boys’ names so we can better pray for them!
    We are all doing great here. We will continue to pray that every interaction will be used to glorify God!

  2. So awesome to hear things are going great! I’m sure there will be so many stories you guys will tell forever! Will continue to pray for you all and that you continue to do God’s work. GO MAKE DISCIPLES!

  3. Lol!!!! Thanks guys for the sacrifices you’re making to make a difference in these young men’s lives

  4. So great to see these pictures and read what you all have been doing! Look forward to more funny stories!!

  5. So good to hear from you all. Looks like you are all busy. You can have fun at the same time. Sending prayers for you all. Proud of you Adam. We have enjoyed having your family down for a few days.

    Linda Jean and Eugene Neyhart

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