Colfax Group Day 3 & 4…

Sorry for the delay. We are experiencing very slow internet and have been unable to post. Here are the past two days. We are actually emailing the blog to the states so it can be uploaded online.

Since the Haitian days are much longer, I will pick up with what we did last night. We had the privilege to work with the worship team from the church. In an environment where I find it frustrating not able to speak the language, it was fun to join together in hymns. While their team sang in Creole, we were able to sing in English.   Praises to God transcend language barriers – Amen?

The goal of last night was to work with their worship team on setting up equipment purchased from the gracious gift of a partnering church.   Chris, our worship minister, gave great advice on where additional speakers should be placed. In speaking with the worship team at the Mole Christian Church, we learned they have a goal of adding speakers. One speaker will be aimed out from the porch toward the street so people gathering by the gate can hear the message (if they do not have dress cloths, they will not come in).   The other speaker will be pointed toward the eventual Gran Moun Home (elderly/nursing home) so they can sit on their porch if they are not able to make it to church. To facilitate their goal, another amp will need to be purchased ($300).   The worship team is praying for funds to complete this project.

This morning we had the privilege to work alongside five other Haitians in digging a hole to burn trash. Before knowing how big the hole was going to be, I asked last night how long it would take us; the reply was, “Oh you won’t get it done!” Today we learned WHY by Jose; he meant 10’ deep, 15’ long and 10’ wide.

While digging is not on my top 400 things I like to do; God has used the opportunity as one of the highlights of this trip for me. Now we were in the position to work right beside people whom normally we would not able to have the opportunity to converse. Through an interpreter (Pierre), we told them things like our ages, our kids’ ages, etc. They asked us about our occupations; to which I told them I was a body builder. It made for a good laugh as they told me, “Then…you should look like a body builder!”

Later the conversations turned more toward WHY we are here, WHY would we not move here, and WHY they can’t get into the USA easily.   As we spoke to them about the beauty of their country, and the kindness their people, we reminded them that some day Jesus will return and believers will be gathered into HEAVEN. One of them said, “for those who trust in Him.”

Day 2 of Sports camp brought us 14 boys again! We gained one that was not here the day before. The boys here today were: Alaim, Tigar, Aubry, Dophly, Henold, Kelvens, Rivalson, Robenson, Hector, Merisnel, Aberto, Alce, Richy, and David. We played volleyball, GAGA ball, and Ultimate Ping Pong. It is great to watch these boys have fun. However, the greater joy came as we spoke on how Jesus meets our emotional needs. I told them the story of the Prodigal son. We fielded many questions/ comments pertaining to the story like: “Did the boy leave because his father was mean?”, “Our fathers would be mad upon our return”, “Why would the boy ever leave to begin with?”.   It was a great opportunity to teach them that Jesus is like a PERFECT father, even if our earthly fathers make mistakes (and we do). These kids are awesome! I wish I had their energy for sure! Unfortunately, tomorrow is the last day of Sports Camp. We now wish we scheduled it for 5 days.

In between activities, it is nice to take advantage of the cool ocean! It is a chance for us to cool down, and interact with locals. Today we spoke to a group of fishermen who among other fish, caught squid and eels. While there, they greeted us saying, “Big Boys.” We assure you they were speaking of Owen 😉

Thank you for your notes of encouragement and prayers on the blog. I have enjoyed reading all the comments from everyone else’s family members 😉 Paul is having fun with this one Lissa… “Poor Adam!!!”

~Adam Neyhart~




June 2- This morning we all worked at the clinic that is conveniently underneath our dorm. All of us helped in the pharmacy sorting supplies and counting pills for the patients. Paul had a great time organizing shelves of medication (he is a little OCD).

Last night I learned how to play Euchre and when we have free time in the day, we play a few hands. Lately, Chris has been very frustrated because I’m still trying to get some experience under my belt. Chris said, “Owen is the competition’s best player”.

After the clinic we went to the beach to cool off and prepare for the final day of our Sports Camp. The last few days have been great, getting to interact and build relationships with the boys have been great. After each devotion they have been asking great questions about the lesson and about God. To see the joy on their face when we’re playing games and laughing, those are things I will never forget. Today I gave a devotion talking about our spiritual needs. I talked about how the Holy Spirit comforts us and allows us to have a personal relationship with God.


After my devotion, we gave out a soccer ball and Frisbee to the two boys who have shown great participation and attitudes. After that, we gave out the soccer balls that have scripture on them along with a Bible translated in Creole to ever boy. All of them were very excited to have their own ball and Bible. A boy got up and thanked all of us for spending time with them and teaching God’s word to them. Before the boy’s left, we told them if they wanted we would go to their house and pray for them and their families.


Almost ten boys stayed after and so we followed them to their house and got to meet their families. We told their families how thankful we were for them allowing their boys to come. We then prayed over the boys and the families and the families seemed to really appreciate it. The whole camp has been a humbling experience for me. I began to build the relationships with the boys and really enjoying their company. I will really miss them when we leave.


Tomorrow will be an exciting day because we are going to go to a fishing village and spend the night with them. I’m sure it will be a great time of fellowship


  1. Love seeing these posts! So awesome to hear the boys loved sports camp! Love to hear your doing God’s work and having a great time but I’m ready to see my hubby! ☺️❤️

  2. You did a great job on your post, Bud!! Just forgot to sign it. So awesome that you all have connected so well with the boys and got to meet many of their families. I can’t wait to hear about the fishing village! Will continue to pray for your strength and that you will be received by open hearts!

  3. Thank you for the posts and stories. I am still chuckling about Chris’ plane ride. Praying that your last few days will bring even more blessings to the people of Haiti.

  4. So good to hear from you! I ditto Kayla…I’m ready to have you back. Selfish I know 😕, but you guys keep rocking it and have a blast learning and sharing in the culture at the fishing village. So life-changing.
    The kids had their game tonight and all of them were hitting SO well, you guys would have been proud! Love you (Chris) and continued prayers for you ALL 😊

  5. So good to hear these awesome testimonies of what is happening! Continued prayers will be with you all 😊

    The kids had their game tonight and they ALL hit the ball very well, you guys would have been so proud! You guys keep rocking it there, can’t wait to see you on Tuesday though. Love you Chris 😙 May God keep you safe and use you to His greatest potential.

  6. So glad to hear everything is going well! Continued prayers for safety, health, the specific things you mentioned and the impact of your witness.
    Chris- The kids and I are doing ok, they are beginning to ask more and more when you will be back. We are counting down the days! They can’t wait to come get you from the airport 😊 They love you so much and so do I. The kids had their game tonight and ALL the kids hit very well, you guys would have been so proud 😊
    Safe travels to the fishing village. Enjoy being immersed in their culture! I’m so jealous!

  7. Poor Adam! Oh so many comments I could make right now! But i will be nice and just say I do love Adam and miss him, I am sure he is being blessed with all that he is encountering there! Looking forward to hearing more of the stories when they return!

  8. POOR ADAM! Oh there are so many things I could say but I will just be nice and say I do love and miss him! I am sure he is being blessed by all that he is encountering there! I look forward to hearing more stories when they return!

  9. I am so proud of my little brother, Adam. I love reading the blog and learning how you all are sharing God’s love in Haiti. Continued prayers for you all!

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