Farrington Group 2016 Days 1 -3

Hello everyone Stateside. This is our only form of communication from Mole St. Nicolas. This is day 3 in Haiti and everyone was right. It is HOT and there are MOSQUITOS, (as well as roosters that crow at the moon, braying burros, and dogs that never stop barking). But…having a good time despite.

We attended a Haitian church service this morning and only understood 3 words, but these people can flat sing. Almost every Haitian in attendance took the time to shake each of our hands after the 2 hour service (Chris Reynolds, don’t get any ideas). Took 12 kids from the orphanage swimming in the ocean this afternoon. They had us worn out in an hour. Water was beautiful and perfect.

We start construction tomorrow morning and were warned not to try and outwork the Haitians because we WILL lose. I see a challenge, but probably not a smart one.

They are taking good care of us, so don’t worry

Hopefully there are a few pictures attached.

We love and miss you all. Keep praying that we can make a difference and not just put in our time.


Please feel free to leave comments. Comments will be read each night at dinner.


  1. Jay, you know my babies are raised. Please bring your little friend home for me. Praying for you guys. I think you can outwork them, give it your best shot. Parker, I hope you are eating enough!!! Tim, use sunscreen on those legs, they worry me!! Have a great trip. Terri B.

  2. It sounds like you guys are having a great time working for the LORD. Very proud of you Meladee and Chris

  3. Hey, Jay! Praying for your entire mission team. Have a great week and safe travels home. Love you, cuz!

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