Farrington Group 2016 Day 4…

(We had trouble uploading pictures so this is from yesterday).

Day 4 is almost gone. The construction on the Gran Moun, shelter for adults, began today. We dug footings for the walls with picks & shovels and they need to be 3 ft. deep. Wow, the Haitians can out work anyone. They are amazing people. Colleen & Melodee baked cupcakes and got prepared for a women’s bible study for the local ladies. They had a great turnout with around 26-28 women in attendance.  Melodee and Parker, under direction from Intern Susan, led a girls dance camp that went over great. They were full of energy and smiling from ear to ear. We will follow up with them in hut to hut visits Wednesday afternoon.

Tomorrow, we will continue with digging footings (if we don’t die from exhaustion). Did I say these guys can work? We will also be conducting a children’s sports camp in the afternoon. Should be a blast. Parker and Melodee will be in charge.

Something as simple as picking up one of the orphans and holding them or a smile and a high five has a huge affect on them (and us). All that they want is a little love and attention.

Once again, please pray for us and our mission here in Haiti.

The Farrington Group


Yesterday we had the Venture Team – around 26 people – come from the St. Louis Campus to visit for two days! You’ll see a few pictures of them down below!

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  1. Wow ! Keep up the good work. After all this practice, Chris, I believe you have your new crew to dig our water and septic lines. Way to go all. Meladee love the hair.

  2. This is just so GREAT what the Farrington Group is doing in God’s name! Making memories to last a lifetime and improve the Hatian peoples village! You all ROCK!! In Love & Friendship! Be safe!….NITA
    P.S. I’m proud of you “grandson” Parker!!

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