Chosen Group Day 9

(Read this in an Australian accent)

Today we talked about fish and chips because we had an Australian friend visit from St Louis. Tori is American and Liam is Australian and they are getting married and will be missionaries in Haiti.

(Now you can read in an American accent again)

We finished all of our major planned activities today. As we get closer to returning home, I’ve been reflecting on the rollercoaster ride that this trip has been.

The first day of VBS was rough but after Jody came alongside our VBS in the Mole, we all feel as though our trip took a turn and got much better. We finally felt like we were in the swing of things. Church was a great experience and we enjoyed the beach Sunday.

Monday brought dance camp and sports camp and from a girl’s perspective at dance camp, I was honestly slightly discouraged because I felt like the girls were not as excited as I had hoped. Tuesday in the clinic and having the staff picnic was great.

Dance camp went slightly better today (I even did the entire dance on a 12” church bench- good times!) and I’m slowly picking up Creole.

Needless to say, this trip has truly been up and down and then up and down again but definitely is coming to a close on a big up. We are excited to spend the evening hanging out with the Castillo kids and looking forward to free time tomorrow afternoon. Who knows what that time will bring!

I really want to send out a huge thank you to everyone who made our trip possible. I know I am coming home with a sense of peace about what has been accomplished and even what I don’t know has been accomplished. We could not be involved like we are without the support and prayer that is evident from our family and friends. Like I always say, you all seriously ROCK!

With love,



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  1. Love you, miss you and very proud of how you’ve allowed God to use your servants heart for his purposes!

    See you soon!

    (Cassidys mom)

  2. I’m also very proud or you and your teammates,even though I don’t know any of them. Would love to meet them someday!
    I pray you have a blessed day and that God will make his presence known to you all in a very special way,

    Love and prayers,

    (Sharum’s Mom)

  3. Loved seeing the pictures of you serving the women at the mission. Missed seeing pictures of the boys! We are praying for you all and hoping God continues the good work He began in each of you. Can’t wait to hear about your day today. We love and miss you!! – the Reams

  4. We continue to pray for each of you and the work you are doing. We pray tomorrow will be a safe and fast trip home. Looking so forward to hearing about your time in Haiti. Love and miss you.

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