Chosen Group – Last Day

Wasup. It’s Allen. I got nominated for last night blog so here goes. We’re almost set to go tomorrow, I should probably finish packing. I bought three machetes at the market today, all of them were bargains. Also bought some Haitian ketchup and coffee (you’re welcome Dad)

We did the clinic this morning and I cleaned ears, an experience I will not soon forget. But the smiles on the people’s faces was worth it. (Except for that one little girl who took one look at me and started crying)

One of our interpreters, Kenson, took us to his house and we met his wife and one year old daughter. Troy and I picked up some super little chicks too. They have a dog named Fluffy and a cat named Paté. (I came up with that one) The orphans are awesome and it will be sad to leave them, it’s fun pouring into them.

We went to the beach again and had a bonfire. Good stuff. Hopefully Suze isn’t too mad at us for our chicken escapades and doesn’t tattle on us to PETA. Anyways, we’ll see you guys tomorrow, can’t wait, but I’m also really glad we went. Later.

(From Hannah to Veronica, if you’re not Veronica, move along please)  I’m so happy to hear from you! I’ll text you when I make it to Port au Prince! I can’t wait to see your beautiful face! Love you!


From Cassidy: On our walk from Kenson’s house to one of the special needs kid’s house, Kenson told us there was a shortcut we could take as long as we were careful. So naturally, I dropped my waterbottle on the first steep part. Kenson was quick to shame me and said “oh no.”

Then when I told him we were excited to tell Jody about our adventure, he was quick to shoot down that idea and let us know that Jody would murder him if she knew he took us down that crazy path and if someone got hurt. **Jody- PLEASE DON’T MURDER KENSON!! WE LIKE HIM!**But don’t worry, I have pictures and video to share of our “adventures in Haiti.” Can’t wait to see you all when I get home tomorrow!


P.S. Shoutout to Hannah for typing this for me while getting my hair braided. (and yes I told her to type this.)

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  1. Cassidy,

    Don’t worry about dropping your water bottle . . . I probably would have dropped ME! You know how graceful I am now.
    Love you,

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