Meridian Group 2016 – Day 3

It is Sunday today and it is another beautiful day here at the Mole. We did not blog last night because our evening service went late so we are catching up now. Before I write about our adventures so far I want to say hello to Rob and Daniel! I miss you both so much! We are all doing well.

It has been a very busy couple of days. Yesterday we had multiple activities going on at once. One group of us delivered about 250 invitation cards to people in town to invite them to the service last night and tonight. While they were out in town, another group was preparing a meal for the parents of the children who have special needs who attend class weekly at the mission campus. Yet another group was building a cross that later was carried to town by all of the members of our group.

The cross was a focal point of our evening service last night. At the service there was a time of worship, a skit, several performances by the church choirs and at the end we had a prayer tent available with members of our team available to pray with anyone who had a request. Their requests were written down on a card and then nailed to the cross. It was a beautiful thing to see everyone worshipping together. It was a great ending to a great day!! Shannon


It is day three here at the Mole. Although it has been very warm here, today there has been a steady breeze that feels great. Since we’ve arrived at the Mole, we have done many activities. Today we had a church service that started with worship which I loved watching the crowd celebrating and dancing during it. After worship we listened to a sermon done in creole and took communion.

We had some spare time after church where some of us played with the children in the orphanage. The children got tennis balls, which they thoroughly enjoyed. We just finished lunch, which was a delicious meal of rice, stew, and pears. Overall, it has been a great start to our day! Shenika 🙂


Please feel free to leave comments. Comments will be read at dinner. The team will not be blogging tonight as we are heading downtown for the revival. Tomorrow morning they’re headed to Preskul!


  1. Taft has loved looking at the photos and spotting his Nana and Dap! He has also been praying for you. We love you, Mom and Dad!

  2. Laying here in bed, reading about your first 3 days and tearing up a LOT! My heart is heavy to not be there doing ministry alongside you all this week, but I am confident that God is working in and through all of you in powerful ways! Give those kiddos a tight squeeze for me! Keep up the incredible work. Praying lots. And an extra little hello to dad, Katie and Susan hehe…this is Emma btw

  3. That cross is amazing as are your blogs. Thanks for sharing such heartwarming photos too.

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