Meridian Group 2016 – Day 1 & 2

From the moment our mission trip started, God has given us (mostly me!) opportunities for practicing patience. Our plane was delayed, which meant we would miss our connecting flight in Miami. All those lessons about flexibility really came in handy (Thanks Tom!)

After much praying, we all arrived in Miami for the night last night, in a premium Red Roof Inn! Half the group left super early in the morning to head to Port au Prince while the others followed a few hours later. Then again we split and 5 of us took an awesome 5 passenger plane to The Mole!!!!

I am so blessed that I got to be part of that group, having never been to this campus before. The rest of the day was spent (at least for some of us) loving on the amazing children that live in the Mole orphanage. The thing that filled my heart the most was seeing my darlings, Samica and Kiki (who Kenny and I sponsor).

As hard as it is for me to be away from my own 2 girls, these children hold a special place in my soul. Samica latched on right away and didn’t leave all day. Her beautiful smile filled every inch of the Mole. Although Kiki was a little more reserved, I can’t wait to see what God has in mind for him, as well as ALL of the people we come in contact with while we are here. I’m so glad we are now all here in the same place, ready to be the hands and feet of God!

-Sara Vaughan


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  1. Glad everyone made it safely. Chloe has been waiting a long time for that hug! Have a great week!

  2. I’m glad everyone is in Haity now ready to spread the love of God. He has the control if everything and he only knows why the trip was delayed one night I’m glad you all are fine. You are all in our family prayer. Tania Plantegenest.
    God bless you.Dios Los bendiga.

  3. We are so happy you all arrived safely! Katie Lyon, give Bebe a huge hug from us and hug all those sweet ladies: Maprelia, Mekelia, Nana and Jacqueline – who were a part of my women’s ministry group last year. Dad and I love you SO MUCH!!!! Meg, too! 🙂

  4. Praise the Lord that you all arrived safely. Our dear Sara, this loving lesson on patience truly made dad and I smile. God is ALWAYS good…..

  5. So thankful that you have all made it down safely. Sara – your comment about God’s loving lesson for you about being patient truly made dad and I smile. BTW – your little girls filled our hearts with joy and love over the days we were blessed to have them with us. They’re doing just fine (and so is Kenny!). We all got you covered back home so go and do what you do best – show those little ones the joy of Jesus just waiting to fill their hearts. God is ALWAYS good! Please give Susan a BIG hug for me.

  6. Hello Meridian team. I had been a pleasure to see and read your journey in Haity, you all look so incredibly amazing spreding the love of Jesus. Carrying the cross together as a team is just one of my favorite picture. The childrenand their big smile. I will keep going on and on ….Have a great rest of your day. God bless you, Dios los bendiga. Tania.
    God bless your time there

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