Meridian Group 2016… Day 6

Today is the 5th full day in The Mole, and it’s gone by so fast! A few of us stayed in the clinic while some worked on campus projects. I stayed in the clinic and painted nails, colored, and ate suckers in the waiting room with some of the kids (my heaven).

At lunch, we had Haitian spaghetti (finally—a team fav) and decorated for the orphanage kids’ birthday party 🙂 Hut-to-hut followed, which was so amazing. Our group talked and prayed with two women and, again, painted nails and played with a tennis ball.

Afterwards was the orphanage kids’ birthday party, and we took silly pictures with funny hats, danced, ate brownies, and gave hugs! It was a much-needed break with those adorable kids! It’s almost dinner, and the orphanage kids’ movie night is later, and we’re watching The Incredibles!

It has been an incredible trip already, and I cannot believe that it’s already halfway over. Thank you everyone for your prayers!

Katie Lyon

P.s. Mom, I told Máprelia that you said “hi” and that you love her, and her eyes lit up when I said “Elaine” and she smiled from ear to ear 🙂 I love you guys!


Please feel free to leave comments! Comments will be read at dinner each night! 🙂


  1. Hey all … I’ve enjoyed reading the team’s blog posts and hearing all the great ways you are serving our brothers and sisters in the Mole. I know you’re all hot and tired but finish strong. Rob, great picture of you and Donley. Love you and see you in Indy on Friday! Lisa

  2. Katie Lyon- awesome post! So happy Maprelia remembered me! I will never forget her! Luv seeing the pictures and hearing all the wonderful service that’s going on. God’s blessings to all of you! Live u , Katie Lyon! Mom and Dad

  3. So proud of you all and the wonderful way you’re serving our brothers & sisters! Can’t wait to hear all the stories when you get back!

    To Chloe & Shenika – Can’t wait for the next round of happy/crappies!!

    To Katie Lyon – Extra hugs & kisses from Ri, Cam, & Reg!!

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