Meridian Group 2016.. Day 7

So today, the day started with a breakfast and a trip back to Preskul for the second time. The breakfast contained peanut butter, and bread, along with a side of pineapple chunks. It was really good and very filling. The trip to Preskul was also very fun, once we arrived, we docked our boat, sat down, and sang some songs just before we listened to Sara’s devotion.

Once we explained the layout of the short trip, we played with the young Haitians, and prayed with the older ones. I got to bond with a few of the Haitians that seemed to be about my age, by playing “headcatch”, where everyone stands in a line, except for one, and the person outside of the line has a soccer ball, and tosses it to random people in the line saying “head” or “catch” while the ball is in midair. If the catcher does not do the right call, then he or she is out.

I got to bond with these Haitians because I played with them, and laughed with them too. I don’t know what it was about it but I just felt welcomed with them. Later after lunch, we had a craft with the orphans and decorated foam visors. Once finished, we had an organized soccer game with the older kids from town, and tried, but failed miserably, to play at the same level as the other teens. About 20 minutes later we started dinner, and that’s where I am now. I’m super excited to get home, but I’m very sad I have to leave soon… I’m just glad that I can always come back. 🙂



This has been an absolutely incredible experience for my husband, Rod, and I.  Susan fell in love with the people of Haiti in 2013 and we now must honestly say we should have experienced it earlier.  We’re astonished and amazed at the work she does here and admire her for it.  She shares her love with 34 children in the orphanage, has a classroom for six special needs children, and visits their homes when needed.  A few of us helped her at the clinic working in the pharmacy where 40+ patients were served earlier this week.

The two trips to a nearby fishing village will forever have an impact on us.  It is the most materially poor community we have ever met.  These people live in huts on an unbelievably harsh landscape of rock hard coral.  They struggle to survive day to day on the fish they catch, with little clothing, little shade, usually no footwear, a serious lack of fresh water, and no means of transportation.  But do you know what they have an abundance of?  Faith and trust in God, which puts joy in their hearts – evident in their smiling faces.

We came to see Susan’s second home and to meet those she looks upon as her very dear friends.  At the same time we hoped to share our love for our neighbor.  Instead we leave with so much more than we gave.  The Haitians proved that their strong faith in God is the most important asset we can have.  God bless them!

Mary MacLachlan


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  1. Missing you Katie Lewis, enjoying all the blogs and loving the pictures. Enjoy the rest of your week and we can’t wait to hear about all the wonderful stories when you come back to the States. Love and Miss You, Mom & Dad & Grandma.

  2. Tom and Sharon….still loving reading what you’ve been up to this week. Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get home. We’re all proud of you…especially Taft. We went to the park this morning and Taft hit it off with a little girl who was there with her Nana. When Taft heard her call for her Nana he said “My Nana and Dap are in Haiti showing Jesus”. We love you!

  3. These photos bring tears to my eyes – both sides receiving so much from our Lord! Susan – your journey to this amazing place you now call home has been a miracle for all of us to watch. Jesus led you to this place where you are truly shining brighter than any star in the sky – all for HIM. Sara – your smiles say it all. Tom and Sharon – we can never have too many “grandkids” can we? Thanks for giving all those little ones hugs from all of us back home watching this magic happen. Simple joy for our Lord. Truly doesn’t get any better than that!

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