Christmas Feeding 2016…


Merry Christmas From the Mole!!

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood! This morning my girls woke up at 5am to help Momma Gigi prepare the food for our Christmas Lunch! We invited 200 elderly folks from our community to come eat at noon!

We divided everyone into two groups so we could better accommodate them in the cafeteria. Momma Gigi led a devotional, song, & prayer time with each of the groups!

We played Christmas music while Taylen & the Castillo kids passed out food and drinks. Everyone got a huge helping of rice, macaroni, chicken, & vegetable sauce! They were very thankful and so sweet!

Such an honor to serve the least of these this Christmas Eve. You can see in their faces that their life hasn’t been easy… but you can hear in their voices when they sing –  that they serve a mighty God who has held them up each and every day.


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We are on Night 9 of our – 10 Nights of Christmas Movies Extravaganza! Tonight’s Feature Film: Narnia
We normally start each night around 6:45pm – – but by 6pm there were already 400 people in the church!! We lined them up outside the gate and let several in at a time…. so we didn’t overwhelm our staff. There was no pushing or fighting! Everyone was just excited to be there. We passed out popcorn as they came into the church.
We had 250 bags of rice ready to pass out as well – but quickly realized it wouldn’t be enough! All the staff pitched in and we managed to bag up enough for everyone! What great team work!
Tomorrow afternoon we will feed 200 granmoun (elderly) a Christmas Meal & tomorrow night we will host our special Christmas Eve Service.


Jody Owen Castillo  December 22 at 7:38pm ·
Last Night’s Feature Film: HOME ALONE
Tonight’s Feature Film: HOME ALONE 2
Tomorrow we will show Narnia & Saturday we will show The Nativity Story!
Every night before we start the movie we sing, have a devotional, and pray with everyone. I love that our community is coming together every night – that they are finding ways to move forward in the midst of so much tragedy. I will have a report soon of our second round of housing repairs. Though it’s still difficult to get supplies – we are advancing in our projects.
While I’m so glad we get to bring some comic relief….I’m also reminded of something entirely bigger…
The first movie we ever showed in the Mole was down at the town square 6 years ago. We showed Finding Nemo. We shared how God looks for us like the papa fish looks for his son. That night one of the kids came and thanked us for showing the film. We kind of patted ourselves on the back – feeling like we gave a great night of entertainment. But it was so much bigger than that.
The little boy said: Thanks for showing the movie. When I get home tonight my dad will be asleep. He won’t be able to touch me or hurt me. Thanks for showing the movie.
All of a sudden movie nights meant something else. As I see the smiling faces of so many beautiful children tonight I’m reminded that we are doing way more than providing entertainment…. we are providing a laugh, a little food, a night away from reality, and an opportunity for healing.


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December 20 at 8:49pm ·
We are on Night 6 of our: 10 Nights of Christmas Movies Extravaganza!
The church was PACKED tonight!!! Pastor Agenor sang, gave a devotional, & prayed with everyone before we began.
Tonight’s Feature Film: Elf
Jose dressed up like Elf while we passed out popcorn and bags of rice! 🙂 Everyone was smiling just at the fact he was dressed funny…. THEN when the movie started…. and they realized he looked like the man IN the movie – they smiled and laughed even more! 🙂
While the kids were passing out the rice they told me a lot of the adults were saying “Thank You Jesus!” and “Jesus heard my prayer”.
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