Christmas Eve Service 2016

Our Christmas Eve Service started at 6:30pm. The night before we had prepared GALLONS of Homemade Hot Chocolate! We also prepared 550 peanut butter sandwiches.

By 6:45pm we were WELL over 500 people! We ran out of seats… there wasn’t another bench or chair to be found on campus. There were about about 60 people standing in the church, another 40 on the porch, and a long line outside the gate.

Pastor Agenor said: Just like Mary and Joseph – there’s no room in the inn tonight!! WOW!!

Though the church was packed and it’s easy to be distracted with so many people – we prayed that everyone would really hear Agenor’s message, that they’d stay and watch the Nativity Story, and that they’d truly understand what Christmas means!

As I said – we made 550 peanut butter sandwiches – but it wasn’t enough! 😞

Many of our church members – who did NOT eat anything that day – – said they would give up their sandwich if it meant that all the visitors would get one.

They love like Jesus! They simply love like Jesus.

It still makes me teary-eyed when I see the sacrifices people make here. The Haitians have so little already – have been hit with disaster after disaster — and yet they continue to show such deep compassion to those searching for a Savior!


Below are a few pics from the service and a video. The video is just a few snippets from the service – it took a long time to upload so it’s not very long.

Our orphans & our Dame’s Group sang a special – – AND – –  Agenor led the church in singing & shared a short message.

While we were passing out the food – I invited Kenson on the stage (total surprise to him) to lead us in some singing. I saw Mme Prophet dancing in the aisles while passing out the hot chocolate so I invited her to sing on stage…. 🙂

She wasn’t up there 5 minutes and the whole church was singing, dancing, & praising Jesus! I thought the majority would leave after we fed them. BUT –  after being led by the Holy Spirit and spontaneous singing – almost everyone stayed to watch the Nativity!
By far one of my favorite Christmas Eve Services!



  1. Wow! Love that so many enjoyed the love of Jesus shown by the church and your “whole family”. Sharing food and fellowship- I pray hearts were softened to want to know more about Jesus. ❤

  2. “Many of our church members – who did NOT eat anything that day – – said they would give up their sandwich if it meant that all the visitors would get one.”

    They truly love their neighbor. What a great example for all of us. Thanks for sharing.

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