Happy New Year KaPaFu!

At 6am this morning – Momma Gigi, Susan, Elirose, Bena & one of our security guards took a boat to KaPaFu!

We really wanted to bless their families with full bellies this New Year!. The ocean has been pretty rough and they’re a 45 minute boat ride. So today was the first day we were able to make it out!

We passed out bags of rice & first aid kits! As always Momma Gigi led everyone in song & prayer. What would we do without her? I was reminiscing today about the first time we met the very SHY –  Momma Gigi 14 years ago. It’s amazing how far in her faith she’s come since!

I don’t know anyone who sacrifices as much as she does… physically, mentally, emotionally!   She wakes up early and she goes to bed late. She fills in the gap without even being asked. She’s always thinking of ways to bless others.

On January 2nd – the four ladies on campus  – Momma Gigi, Elirose, Mme Nene, & Tizzie –  delivered food all over town. They cooked a meal together and shared ALL of it with as many people as they could. None of them ate anything that day – because they wanted to give it all away. Who does that?  I just pray when I get to Heaven I can have a house in their neighborhood! 🙂

Tomorrow afternoon we plan on passing out another 500 bags of rice! 🙂

God is Good!

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