Christmas Camp Day 2 & 3…

What an amazing 3 days we’ve all had together! It may have been the busiest 3 days of the year – but GREAT none the less! 🙂

Saturday – DAY 2

We started the morning off at 8am! The line that was the straightest and stood completely frozen  – won first place! (Which meant they got tickets to use at the prize table). 

We then spent 9am-1pm rotating 8 teams through 8 different stations: Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Gagaball, Photo booth, Cactus Craft, Spoons/Card Games, & rest!

We knew Saturday night (Dec 31st) was going to be crazy! So the afternoon was designated as “free time”. They could go to the beach, play sports, rest, etc.

At 5pm we had the “Most Creative Line” competition! It was really awesome to see the things they came up with as you’ll see below!

I wrote a blog about our New Year’s Eve Celebration which you can read more about here:


Since the kids were up until midnight we didn’t have breakfast until 9:30am. After breakfast we had our own service in the church.

After church it was time for RACES! We divided the children up by ages to make the races fair.  We did races where they ran around the field…  and we did sack races too!

After races it was time for our Gagaball Tournament which was also divided up by ages. Then we had a basketball tournament!

We ate lunch at 2:30. Our staffs’ kids ran a soccer game at the town square from 3-5pm. Several of the older kids played against the townspeople.

After dinner we had an incredible talent show! There were 20 acts – and it went on for 2 hours!

After talent night it was time for everyone to cash in their tickets for prizes (since they leave after breakfast tomorrow). We spent 2 hours at the prize table & watched one final movie before calling it a night at 11:30pm!

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