Texas Tech Day 3…

Today was a beautiful Sunday morning! Last year Haiti did not change time… this year they decided to. It seems like everyone got the message except the Pastor & the band…who showed up an hour late! So church went from 8:30-12:30 today!

We had three incredible helpers in Children’s Church! You may have seen the short video on Facebook of Khalil  – who was our Goliath! We wanted the kids to know what it might feel like to knock down a giant… so 52 kids got the chance to be David and sling a tennis ball at our giant! He took it like a champ! 🙂

This afternoon the group rested, hit the beach, and played with the orphans! We had a great team meeting before dinner so we can hit the ground running first thing tomorrow!

After dinner we did a little bit of line dancing… while we waited for the orphans & our campus staff to arrive for Movie Night!

FYI – This is our first team since the Hurricane/Flooding… which was the first week of October. This town – our orphans – our staff – our street children…  they are starved for the interaction… to be held, tickled, played with, & loved on. I LOVE seeing their faces beam once again and to see the twinkling in their eyes return. 

And you know what I realized as I walked home tonight… they’re not the only ones who were starving for interaction… so was my family… so was Beth & Susan. Thank you for raising such incredible young adults & for allowing them to take this journey here! Thank you for believing in the ministry – for sharing your family with ours. I can’t tell you how much they have renewed our spirit! I have laughed more in these two days than in weeks…. maybe even months.

All that to be said – I thought you all might appreciate the update since Brad & Randy’s Daily Adventure listed below – actually included very little about the day! LOL!

Tomorrow’s Agenda:

MORNINGWe’ve got Hut-to-Hut Evangelism and a traveling VBS in Karenage –  which is a 25 minute walk from town. We also have a construction crew that will be collecting rocks & filling in the foundation of our Elderly Home/Family Refuge Center. 

AFTERNOON: We will begin our 3-day VBS from 1-3pm & our 3-day Teen Conference from 3-5pm. 


Brad & Randy’s Daily Adventure (Year 2)

To our Fans (Shout out to Debbie McDaniel, we love you): It’s been approximately 367.25 days since we have last blogged from our international studios based here at the Mole. Last year we were shook that we became world-renowned bloggers and some might dare say celebrities? From Haiti to the USA to Texas.

Here at the Mole, it’s been wild!

One thing we have learned by being international bloggers is that the fans want to know personal intimate details about our lives. So this stays between you and us (Brad and Randy) and all of the internet and world….

1. The guys have Air conditioned cabins, continental breakfast, Jacuzzis, room service, massages, therapy dogs, and our very own counselor to debrief our day. (Please, whatever you do, don’t tell the girls that we have it better than them)!

2. Many of you guys are wondering, did we continue Chaco abstinence or did we conform to the world and get Chacos. Let me tell you, we are proud to say that we completely sold out. Not only are we better missionaries, but everyone can see our grotesque feet.

3. Some of you have commented about us not having to take the bus, don’t worry, we are already dreading the return trip. We tried depicting to the newcomers, but they think we are overhyping the ordeal. Between us, we haven’t even begun to include the whole story. Multiple head concussions, chickens pecking at your feet (but free food), dirt filled lungs, and a multitude of bruises. Our only hope is for Jesus to come soon.

In summary, no roosters or pat the rat have made guest experiences at the middle of the night. Our sound proof walls are doing an excellent job preventing unnecessary occurrences. For the girls, we cannot report the same. If you are wearing Chaco’s or not, we hope you enjoy this snippet of what God is doing here at the Mole.

Daily Tracker of funny things happening here:

1. Khalil’s famous phrase of “That’s Wild” (Please in your comments, say that’s wild, because comments are read aloud) -6 times

a. If he says it 20 times, he has to do 40 pushups.

2. Kissing our Pastor’s bald head- 2 times by Bullet. This is a competition, but Bullet might be the only one actually competing.
Stay tuned for updates, funny stories, and spending time with your two favorite bloggers. From all of us at the Mole, This was Brad and Randy’s Daily Adventure ( Year Two). Stay blessed, avoid busses, acquire Chacos.


Hey Madison, thank you so much for the sweet comment and prayers! I love you guys too and I’ll be sure and stay on all that medication! Love, you!!

Momma and Daddy,

Hearing your comment brought tears to my eyes! I miss you both so extremely much! Know that my heart is filled with so much joy and I am so content to be back in my favorite place. Yesterday (Saturday), I fell asleep four different times through out the day; once on a concrete slab while playing with the orphans, twice on the picnic tables, and then as soon as we made our beds. I am getting my sleep, because we all know how badly I need it!!! Cant wait to tell you all about the trip! Love you both so much, and thank you for always unconditionally loving me. See you soon!!

Love Claire Bear <3


Please feel free to leave comments! Comments will be read at dinner each evening. I wish you could have heard the team laugh as we read them tonight!  Ya’ll have a good night now you hear!  🙂


  1. Hey Abby Roo,
    Looks like I commented a few minutes early tonight as I just saw the new pictures…..and wow looks like you have already lost your heart to Haiti with that big smile on your face and those precious kids…..And what a wonderful Sunday for all of you. We did remember to move our clocks forward, but half of our sunday school class must have forgotten. Love you again and again and looking forward to following your adventures tomorrow….Have a great nite..
    Love you GIGI

  2. THATS WILD! Also, I was laughing so hard at Brad and Randy’s daily adventure that my parents asked if I was okay.. that was great.. please keep it coming! Praying for you all!

  3. I am loving the news from the team! We are thrilled to hear that church lasted a full, four hours–that makes up for the times you slept in and missed church. Haha!! Seriously, love the pictures and the stories hearts being touched by the Lord. You guys are in our prayers and thoughts. Someone give my sweet Rebekah a hug from me. 😘 Love you all!! Sue Hall

  4. All are in my prayers!!

    Hayden – I’m glad you chose not to test your skydiving skills on the plane ride to the Mole 😂🛩️!! Sounds like that could be preferably though to bus ride back🚌.

    Be safe, take care, share & receive.

    I love you, Dad!

    p.s.- Hayden – I hear the guys are living it up with air conditioning, Jacuzzis, steak & lobster dinners!!

    Penny, Basil & Freddie say “Hi!”

  5. Hey Ashley Kate!
    I hope you are having the time of your life! Those little kids are adorable and so lucky to have your outgoing, fun-loving, God speaking self this week! God blessed you and the entire group by giving yall this amazing opportunity. I’ll check in again to see how everyone is doing. I’m praying for each of you everyday. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW!

    Love, MOM

  6. THAT’S WILD!!
    Claire Bear,
    It was so good to see your smiling face and hear your sweet words. We know you are so happy to be back there and see how much the kiddos have grown, and I’m sure they are happy to see you again.

    We can’t wait to hear all about it; especially riding on that small airplane. THAT’S WILD!! We are glad that you are getting your sleep. We know how much you need it!

    So excited to see that Brad and Randy have sold out and gotten Chacos now. I know they will be much more effective. THAT’S WILD!!

    Pray for Daddy as he takes his test on Tuesday afternoon. Also, say an extra prayer for Mo, Kim and Bruce.

    We miss you so much. We’re praying God will reveal Himself in a mighty way.

    We love you,
    Mom & Dad


  7. Yo Al,
    Sudden-Beth here. Fun idea you should definitely do tomorrow; let someone make a design on your head in sunscreen. It totally won’t look silly later on.

    Shout-out to Kelsey Harding — you’re the Leslie to my Ann so remember “Be the Leslie Knope of whatever you do”.

    Khalil, watching you be Goliath made me think maybe you’ve missed your calling with this whole engineering thing. You were made for the stage!!! Man, that’s wild.

    Lastly, to Chris Brooks. Jollie sits in the window all day and looks up every time a car comes down the road. She misses you almost more than I do! Keep loving on all those sweet babes 🙂 LOVE YOU.

    Peace to you all,
    Beth Brooks

  8. That’s wild! SO, are you saying that when y’all return home it will be socially acceptable to peg Khalil with a tennis ball? Because I want to know how it feels to make giants fall too! Love y’all! My spring break has consisted of math homework and college basketball so far, can’t wait until march madness! Anyways, at least I’m being productive…. I think…. That’s wild!

  9. Hey Shannon!
    Glad to see that y’all are safe, happy and playing with kids! I love seeing all the pictures.
    Love you! Mom

  10. Hey, Kelly!!! I am evidently having some technology issues, because I haven’t been able to get my comments to post! So hopefully this one will finally go through! I’m so thankful that you all made it there safely and that the planes were not as “sketchy” as y’all (or I!) I had worried about. It looks like God is already working in incredible ways with your team! And, I laughed so hard when I began reading day 3 and Randy and Brad had written a shout out to me!!! That’s wild!!! God has gifted you two with an insane sense of humor that brings such joy to those who follow your blog! I started to ask you to please make sure that Kelly was safe, but now that I think of it, maybe SHE needs to make sure y’all are safe lol! In all seriousness, God has placed you all there and has prepared you all for “such a time as this.” You inspire us all to work for Him and Him alone and to be His light wherever we go. Praying for many blessings in all that you do today! Your dad, Brant and I love you bunches and miss you more, sugar! Mom and Dad

  11. That is Wild! I can’t believe there is no Pat! I might be able to survive the trip! I am horrified of Pat’s!! Loved seeing the picture of the plane you flew into the mission on…..so much better than I pictured! Praying your VBS and Teen Confrernces are awesome! Bless you all for spreading the love of Christ! Now that is Wild!😊

  12. Hi Cole and all of the Team! It is so much fun to see all of the pictures of you and the kids!! I love hearing what you are doing each day. I was especially interested in the puddle jumpers! That’s Wild!! Cole, I loved seeing the piggyback ride! I was happy to hear about the a/c and the therapy dogs; I’m sure you need that after the cold turkey thing on the monster drinks I told you not to drink anyway!! We love you and miss you so much!! Mom, Michelle & Lora

  13. Hey Abby Girl,
    Loved seeing your smiling face today. Makes my mom heart happy to see you experiencing your passion. Sounds like you are with an amazing group. I bet there is lots of laughter on this trip~ that’s wild!!’
    Since I know you are missing Dixie, here’s a quick update. Squirrels are winning but this Lubbock dog is giving it her all–at least 1,000 trips between the doors and windows to watch for them. Only one shoe has been chewed up. Only one fence story to tell you about, and she has only wet the bed once—yes that was written correctly! I let her sleep kennel free and sleep with me and well that won’t happen again……that’s really wild!!! LOL!!!
    Prayers to all on this team and to the people you are working with and serving in Haiti. I know hearts are growing on both sides.
    Love to all.
    Mom and Dad

    P.S. Can’t wait to hear bus stories. That’s wild just thinking about it based on stories that have been shared. 🙂

  14. Hey Hayden!
    I’m so happy to hear about all the fun that you are having with those precious little ones! God is using you in such amazing ways to spread His love and word! I’m so proud of you! I love you more than you can even imagine!


  15. Hey Everyone!
    So glad to know that the communication in Haiti is like that in U.S….the pastor and band being late for church…not knowing the time had been changed…LOL….THATS WILD!
    I am going to Walmart today to stock up on tennis balls so Khalil will have memories of Haiti once he returns. Khalil you are a gift to those kids, the holy spirirt is lliterally working through you to allow tennis balls to be thrown at you, what a unique way to teach them how to defend the Goliath’s in their lives….THATS WILD!
    Its a good thing I am not there, the boys would be out of their cabins in a heartbeat…THATS WILD!
    I prayed today for the Hut to Hut evangalism and anxious to hear the stories of how you witnessed to them and see how God moves in the huts and through VBS and Teen Conference…THATS WILD!
    I love the daily blogs to hear how all of you are doing and what your doing…but my favorite is seeing the pictures (btw..I’m a visual person) they truly speak a thousand words, its a visual story for me. I love seeing the smiles of the children and the light of Jesus in each of your faces and eyes…unless you are wearing shades then I can’t tell…hee hee…just kidding..I see Al is sleeping on the job even in Haiti…THATS WILD!
    I hope Khalil was put in charge of the construction team today because he LOVES manual labor…THATS WILD!
    Shout out to my beautiful & wonderful niece, Tyann, so glad you were called back to Haiti and to all of you who are going for your first time and to Cole, I hope you are doing good and seeing God move in mighty ways…THATS WILD!
    My love to all of you as well as my prayers and my hugs….I am so proud of you all for going where God has called you and your giving a week of your life to bless others and do the work for the Kingdom in Haiti..THATS WILD!
    Let the wind of the Holy Spirit blow His fullness into your life! Lord, purify & purge the Haiti team of anything that holds them back from all that you desire in their lives.. YOUR WILL BE DONE!

  16. Hey, Kelsey Bells,
    We were excited to see a photo of you loving on those kiddos! Love well and serve hard. Know we are praying for you and the whole team. Sounds like your team’s presence is already a blessing! Can’t wait to hear about it!

  17. Hey Babe!
    Looks like the plane ride was an adventure! It’s great to see all y’alls smiling faces. The pups are being suprisingly well behaved without their mom but we all miss you! Have fun and be safe!

  18. Hey Bullett!
    So glad you guys are having a great trip! Can’t wait to hear about all of your adventures!
    Love Mom

  19. Y’all got to ride in puddle jumpers?? That’s wild!! And so unfair!! Newbies – the bus ride is something to behold. These school buses do things that school buses should NOT being doing. There is no description for it- you just have to experience it.
    I am so happy seeing the pictures of everybody, but I am also so, so sad!! My comment didn’t post yesterday so I hope this one does.
    I have some advice for y’all. Returners – don’t forget this isn’t last years trip. Don’t compare it to previous years. You’re on a whole new team and the experiences will be so different, even if y’all are doing some of the same activities. Newbies – don’t be afraid!! You’re going to see and hear some things that absolutely break you, but don’t shy away. If you feel compelled to talk to or pray for somebody, whether a Haitian or a team member, TALK TO THEM. You will regret it for at least a year if you don’t. Be BOLD.
    Love on those kids extra hard for me! I love each and every one of you so much- even if I don’t know you just for the mere fact you went to Haiti and Hal Fartin I still love you even though I cannot believe you left me in Lubbock 🙁

  20. Dearest TY and Aves–I hope y’all are friends by now! I love y’all dearly and hope you’re really seeing the Lord move during your days and being encouraged by that. You both rock as human beings (as does everyone on this trip I’m sure). Wreck em 🙂

  21. Aunt Aves,
    How are you doing? I hope you’re having fun. I miss you so much!! We pray for you and I know the people in Haiti love you like I do.
    From Garrison
    PS Elsa is a little crazy but she’s doing good and I’m having fun checking on her!

  22. Ashley Kate!
    I hope today was simply amazing. I am sure the kids are loving all of you being there. You know what today is…….and what show you need to catch up on! Lol
    Well just wanted you to know I miss you and am praying for all of you. Hug the little kids for me!

    Mark 16:15
    “And He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.’”

    Matthew 28:19-20 NKJV
    “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

    Praise God for the Wesley Foundation!


  23. Ashley Kate–
    Guess who is home!!🤗 He is soooooo HaPpY to see me! Hope you are having fabulously blessed trip! I know you are loving on all the children and spreading your sunshine!! Let your little light shine princess!! Love you infinity!!😘
    Mrs. Pritch
    PS-Hootie sends his love! 😍❤😘 Really!

  24. Hi Haydi Nicole!!!
    I am so proud of you for being such a Great Follower of JESUS!! Those Kids are so Blessed to hear GOD’S Word from you and your friends who decided to follow Jesus and Spread his Word that gives Grace. Mercy, and Salvation! You and Cammy are the best gifts GOD & JESUS brought into my life! Call me when you get back so you can tell me all about this Great Adventure!! LOVE & MISS YOU ( waaauuuuwauuu) XOXOXO xoxoxo 14

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