Fowler Group Day 2…

Greetings to our friends and family in Michigan! Our first few days in Haiti have been… (Ok, I just started to write an amazingly descriptive narrative of our time so far, and the rest of the group mocked me. “They don’t care about metaphors, they just want to know if we’re alive.” So…here you go.)

Thursday was travel day; we arrived in Port-au-Prince and stayed overnight there. Friday morning we traveled on two flights in a small plane to Mole St. Nicolas. Having had less than stellar experiences in the past on this leg of the trip, I recruited a great number of people to pray, and I’m happy to report that I arrived fully conscious. God is good!

We arrived in the Mole in windy and rainy conditions, but that didn’t prevent us from a warm reunion with familiar relationships: Susan, our good friend from our church who is now a full-time missionary at the Mole; the Castillo family and Miss Beth, who serve the Lord so faithfully here; and the rest of the staff that we have come to love from past trips. And, of course, the kids in the orphanage. (Hilarious for us to witness the entire group of children chanting “Emma! Emma!” as they saw her coming!) For those of us who have traveled here before, it was so good to greet and hug the children we have played with and prayed for. For those who are first-timers, it didn’t take any time at all to have kids hanging all over them, laughing and smiling. Our team is being very intentional about pouring out love to these precious people. Friday evening ended with a movie night and popcorn for the kids.

Our trip overlapped with the team from Texas Tech, who are an amazing group of young people, and their enthusiasm for serving the Lord was evident. They left for home today, but not before having a sunrise meetup at the beach to baptize three of their team members, which a couple of us got to witness as well.

This morning was spent with the kids from the orphanage, and then we split up in the afternoon. Emma led dance auditions for girls from the town. Bethany revisited the home of David, a deaf boy that she worked with last summer, and reviewed sign language that she taught him and his family. Rob, Lisa, Taylor, Abbey, Addison, and Michael played with kids in the courtyard. I colored and drew pictures with a group of ten of the boys.

It’s been a great start to the week so far, and we can’t wait to get fully into the swing of things! We’re praying that Jesus is seen in every one of the interactions we have with people this week. We’d love it if you would join us in those prayers!

Jimmy W.


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  1. So good to hear you arrived safely. Praying that the Light in you shines brightly as you love on these kids. May you truly be the hands and feet of Jesus. Thank you for the updates. Love to hear how the days are being spent. The pictures are fun too. Smiles tell it all!

  2. Happy to hear of your safe arrival!! Looks like you have made some new friends :)) can’t wait to see updates as the week progresses!!

    Love you baby girl!!

  3. So glad that you all are doing well! We love you Michael and “Jimmy” !!! – Julie and Maggie

  4. YAY!! So glad you arrived safely, and I love the pictures. Hello to everybody,
    miss you all. Sending hugs! XOXO

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