Elderly Home & Family Refuge Center…

I’m SO excited… though we started digging the footers last summer – we “officially” broke ground for our Granmoun & Refuge Center on January 30th.

This center will serve the homeless elderly in our community… many that are forced to sleep under trees or on porches.

It will also double as a Family Refuge Shelter. If a mother is in trouble she can bring her children for the night so she’s out of immediate danger.

My dad built our church foundation which is the ONLY building on campus that didn’t flood….so dad’s back at it again to ensure we have another strong solid foundation! 

My dad leads devotions with the men every morning. When he’s gone Jacques/Kerly lead them. Several of the men are now showing up at church…  many are growing deeper in their relationship with the Lord.

AND……Last month one of the workers accepted Christ and was baptized!! 


This Center will consist of 2 buildings. We have poured the foundation, added the walls, and just poured the roof for one of our buildings. We are working on the plumbing and wiring right now.

The second building is just at the beginning stages. It’s ready to have the foundation completed.


Update April 2017

After we started this project and began to dig deep (literally)… we realized that the soil was very sandy.  The church’s soil is VERY different – though it’s just a couple hundred feet away.  

So… in order to reinforce the buildings we had to dig the footers wider and deeper.  We’ve had to use more steel as well. This has increased our budget significantly.  We will go as far as we can… but unfortunately we will not be able to complete the project at this time. 

But here’s the one thing I have learned in Haiti – everything is in His time! Sometimes He is ready before we are…  and sometimes we are ready before He is! So we are not discouraged….  God knows the need and He’s been SO faithful to us already. So we will patiently wait upon the Lord!


Below are some pictures of the past few months! 

Last week of January




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