Christmas in April…Playroom Overhaul

My two favorite times of year are…

1- Celebrating the Birth of Jesus
2- Celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus

Last Sunday we managed to celebrate them the same day! 🙂

As many of you are aware… October-December was a very difficult time for us because of the hurricane & subsequent flooding. We were forced to change MANY of our plans…  some had to be cancelled all together.

We had planned a Special Christmas Party for the children in our orphanage – but for various reasons we were unable to pull it off.  BUT – This past Sunday – Easter Sunday – we were finally able to decorate the children’s playroom! 

Miss Beth has been meeting with them all week long – sharing stories about this Holy Week and what Jesus did for us.

On Sunday she brought all the children into her room where they had a special worship service and watched the children’s version of the Jesus Film. I wish you could hear Miss Beth share about this precious experience… how the children were brought to tears as they realized what Jesus had done for them. SO beautiful.

WHILE they were with Miss Beth – Jose, Malaya, & I snuck over to their playroom and decorated it! We had play kitchens & dolls for the girls. We had army men & trucks for the boys!

We spent 2 hours carefully placing all the toys just so…. with 36 children – we knew it wouldn’t last long – but we wanted them to see what it could be!

We had the girls tour the playroom first and then the boys. As you can imagine – they were TOTALLY overwhelmed and excited by their new toys.

We set-up rules & guidelines with the children and the mommas…. with the hope that the toys will last for awhile. Guess we’ll see! 😀


    1. We will be shipping crates via boat in July. So if you collect and get the items to my parents in Kentucky – we can ship them over! (If you email me – I can give you the address.

  1. So glad they can now enjoy their Christmas presents. You are amazing, doing such special thing for those adorable kids!!

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