Updated Clinic Needs…


There are many medications that we can purchase in Haiti. So if you would like to make a donation please scroll to the bottom of the blog.  

There are also many medications that we can’t buy here or that are too expensive.  All of the things below are items we can use – BUT right now we have enough alcohol swabs and bandaids to give to every person who lives in the northwest!

Those marked –  urgent need – These are things that we are out of or have very little of.

Those marked  – Needed – we will be out of soon. 

The rest are items we can alway use.

If you have questions about what to collect or where to send it… please email me at jody@nwhcm.org

2018 Clinic Needs…

4×4 Gauze, bandages, ace wraps, alcohol swabs – not a big need right now
Adult Cough/Cold – needed
Adult Pain Meds -alieve/Tylenol/ibuprofen – needed
Iron – needed
Antacids/Prevacid-   urgent needed
Anti-Diarrheal – needed
Sleeping Aids – needed
Antibiotic Ointment – urgent need
Antibiotics – urgent need 
Antifungal Cream – urgent need 
 Yeast infection Creams – urgent need
Benadryl/allergy –
Blood pressure medication – urgent need
Burn Cream – needed
Children’s cough/cold – needed
Children’s Tylenol/pain – needed
Adult cough meds/Cough Drops – needed
Diaper Rash Cream
Diflucan – needed
Foot powder/Chaffing lotion/powder – needed
Eye Antibiotics – urgent need 
Eye Drops – urgent need 
Hydrocortisone Cream – urgent need 
Infant Gas Medication – needed
Insect Repellant – needed
PeptoBismo Tablets
Prednisone – urgent need 
Phenergan/Zofran/Nausea – needed
Inhalers/Neb Treatment Meds – urgent need 
Diabetic Medication. – needed
Seizure Medication – urgent need 
Soap, lotion, toothpaste – needed
Stool Softner
Stronger Pain meds –urgent need 
Vitamins – Adult and Children – needed
Worm Medicine
Formula/peanut butter – for 2nd/3rd degree malnutrition-  URGENT NEED


Healthy Happy Heart Packets :D

Put any of the following in a zip-lock bag to pass out to sick children:
1) Bandaid
2) Sticker
3) Hard Candy/Sucker
4) Pencil
5) Small Toy
6) Small bar of soap
7) Small tube of toothpaste
8. Small toothbrush

Jody Owen Castillo April 18 at 11:52am ·

The last few weeks there’s been a truck from Jean Rebel that comes to clinic with about 30 patients each time. It’s a 2-hour drive one-way.
Today there was another truck from the other side of Bonbardopolis with a 3-hour drive this morning.
Before clinic even opened – by 6am- we had 72 people waiting at the gate. By 9am we had 120 patients.
I’m honored that people travel so far for us to see them – but it’s also overwhelming as we turn more and more people away each day. Our pharmacy shelves used to be completely full but with each patient needing 4-7 prescriptions…many of our supplies are getting low.
It’s been my prayer that we would be worthy of God’s favor – that He would use this clinic to advance His Kingdom… it’s hard not to be teary-eyed as I see this prayer play-out before me.


We are so grateful for those of you who want to help us keep our clinic going in Mole St Nicolas. We have the only functioning stocked pharmacy in a 2 hour-radius…  and we have 1000’s of pills that leave the shelves each week.
.  – here’s how  you can give:
NWHCM 7301 N Georgetown Rd Suite 190 Indianapolis, IN 46268
Please mark: Mole Clinic in the memo.
You can write in the notes section: MOLE Clinic


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