Haiti 323 Partnership – 1 Year Anniversary

Students Celebrate 1 Year Anniversary


Last April, 14 students started a journey that would change their lives forever. The students gathered on Northwest Haiti Christian Mission’s Mole St. Nicolas campus for their first sewing class. They have made tremendous progress in learning how to sew. Now they’re entering into their second year of the three year sewing program.


You’ve probably heard the saying, “A student is only as good as their teacher.” Well we believe that’s true, which is why we are so grateful for our devoted teacher, Professor Jean, who had this to say about the sewing class.

“I like sharing what I know with others. It makes me happy. My family is happy that I have a job, and they want to come to my class, too.”  — Professor Jean


None of this would be possible without you, our faithful supporters. Whether you’ve donated money or sewing supplies, liked or shared our social media posts, prayed for our ministry, or helped spread the word,  we want to sincerely say,

Thank You.

Thank you for being a partner in what the Lord is doing through this ministry. You are truly changing lives in Haiti. 


A look back at their first year

From practice school uniforms to floral dresses and colorful skirts, here’s a few items the Mole St. Nicolas sewing class made during their first full year of classes.


This ministry is changing lives in our community (Mole St. Nicolas). It’s giving ladies who are often abused/mistreated a chance to support their family and stand on their own.

It’s the only sewing class within a 3-hour walking distance. I’m grateful for the support & sacrifices made so that we can not only provide jobs but show them Jesus in a very tangible way. This class is creating disciples and a sisterhood of support!”

— Jody Castillo, Director of Haiti Operations, Northwest Haiti Christian Mission


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