Rooted 2017… Day 5

Today was a really exciting day! My group left at 6:30 a.m. and we went to a boating village called Kapafu. The boat ride was really quick and we got a nice cloud cover on the way back so that was amazing. When we got to the village we were hoping that all the kids would be there so that we could play with them, but when we got there the kids left for school. There were just a few adults there, but we still played games with them and we painted some of the women’s nails. We also got to pray with them and we spent about 2 hours there just loving on them.

While we were resting after we got back from the boating village the other group was doing construction. While digging the team hit a water line. The water line they hit went to the dorm room that us girls are staying in so for a couple of hours we didn’t have water. It got fixed really quickly so it wasn’t a big deal.

After lunch we got to take all the orphans to the beach! It was so much fun and all the kids had an amazing time! We each got assigned two kids to keep track of, which I though would be easy, but it wasn’t. I couldn’t remember my kids names so that made it hard and once we got to the water the kids went crazy. So we just made a circle around them so that they wouldn’t go out to far in the water.

All the kids knew how to swim so we weren’t too worried, but we watched them closely. They were eating up being with us and were hanging off of us and they were lining up to get launched into the water by Kirk, Winston, and Paul. The kids where also making sand castles and covering each other up in the sand. I had so much fun just watching them and playing with them!

These kids are so amazing to be around! They have so much joy and they always have a smile on their face! They are so inspiring to be around and it has been very humbling. We all made it back safe and with all the kids.

For this evening we are doing a movie night for the community. Which will be another great opportunity for us to love on the people of Haiti and hopefully we will have some opportunities to pray for the people there.


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  1. Thank you all for going and showing the love of Our Lord and Savior. I am sure that God is speaking to you too. Our prayers are with you.
    Scott and Fran Charles
    Avon, Ohio

  2. Aloha Maddy and Team. Thank you for the pictures and daily updates. It’s wonderful seeing and hearing how your personal relationship with the Lord continues to grow as you share your faith with those around you. Maddy, your brother made it safely to Hawaii. We are going to pick lychee and trim trees then off to the beach. I miss you my girl. Be safe and know I’m praying for you. Love Dad.

  3. Hello Amanda and team,
    It is wonderful to read your posts and hear how God is working through you. May God bless your work, open your hearts and strengthen your faith. Love and blessings to all with a special blessing to Amanda. Love, mom and dad

  4. Amazing job all of you…may you all have safe travels back to the states.

  5. I get emotional just looking at all the photos of the children and what an amazing impact you all have had on the people and children of Haiti. They will always remember the Rooted team!!!! Thank you all for all your hard work and being the hands and feet of Christ. We look forward to your safe return in Durango and pray that as you depart that God will grace you with all that you need to leave the children and hold all their wonderful faces in your memory and your heart.

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